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Lots of fresh, new content for rFactor

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. GRAB_008.jpg We on rFactor get spoiled with new content but even by normal standards it's been somewhat of a bumper week. Hot on the heels of motorfx's 70s tracks (and of course the contrasting recent release of FSOne 2009) came the much anticipated F1 71 mod, as reviewed by Mr Gardiner here. Then the long awaited Bob's Track Builder project from woochoo came to fruition finally - Longford 1967. The atmosphere and texture work seen in this work of art is almost unmatched in the world of rFactor - perhaps only VLM's and carrera4's work can match it's ability to transport you back in time.

    Then - especially for IndyCar fans - even more of a treat. Four tracks, released simultaneously, by zero-g and Racing Line Developments; 1998 layouts of Long Beach, Vancouver, Houston and Portland. With outstanding texture and modelling work once again, these tracks perfectly compliment the CARTFactor mod from the same group.

    Download F1 1971 here
    Download Longford 1967 here
    Download Houston 1998 here
    Download Long Beach 1998 here
    Download Portland 1998 here
    Download Vancouver 1998 here

    GRAB_006.jpg GRAB_011.jpg GRAB_010.jpg GRAB_013.jpg
  2. Those 1998 Cart tracks are great!!
  3. so much good stuff! :cool:
  4. The links to the IndyCar tracks are dead for me :frown:
  5. i agree
  6. Hum - try rFactor Central.
  7. The full fixed non-beta version of F171 has been released.

    If you have the beta make sure to delete:

    The GameData\Vehicles\F171 folder
    The F171 files in the rFm folder
    Your F171 cch file in your UserData\yourname folder.

    http://virtual-f1.com/GTL/F1-71 1.0 Full.7z