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Lost the materials selection box on walls and track surfaces?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ajp71, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Hi guys

    I haven't used BTB for some time, when I opened it today I found that I have lost the materials selection box that appears under the cross section of walls and track surfaces. I'm not sure how to get it back?

    Hopefully the screenshot will show my problem better.

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  2. Right click in the cross section window and select Add, Replace, or Remove.
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    I now can't work out how to add new track surface points, I can cycle through my existing points but can't work out how to add new ones or move them, the little markers for surface edges aren't showing on the 2D view either.
  4. You can't do this in Material mode. Switch to "Shape" (the radio button) and only then then you can hold Ctrl and click the line to add new points. This can be done in 3D view or on the surfaces window (the same as on your screenshot). If you ctrl+click the road somewhere else, you will create more shape sections (or materials sections if switched back to "Material"). You can move the sections by holding M and drag the lines along the road.
    Couple more "hold something + do something" - I suggest you read the btb help and refer to R-Soul's Simtrackipedia :)
  5. Thanks

    Sorry I didn't make it clear, my issue was with creating and moving shape/material sections on the track not editing the cross section. I have since tried starting a new track in v0.8 and can add and move the sections, although they only seem to show up in the 3D view and the anchors have turned from a single big easily movable blob to lines with little points on them.

    I have done quite a bit with BTB before, although I now remember I had tried v0.8 and found it much more clumsy and long winded than v0.7 so decided to stick with the old version for my big project. Annoyingly I saved it in v0.8 last night and now can't open it in v0.7, is there anyway to make a track revert to the older version of BTB?

    I tried reading BTB help and the wiki but they both seem to refer to the v0.7 that I'm used to.

    I wonder if my v0.8 isn't working properly for some reason, I've attached a picture with the things from v0.7 that I can't find/do in v0.8.

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  6. I'm sorry, I can't help much since I was always using the
    In the latest version it works like this:
    - if you want to use some more than one material in a road (different cross-section), you can move the material horizontally - from point to point - in Material mode, then add/replace
    - adding more (blue) points (ctrl+click on the shape line) is possible only in shape mode, then when you switch to materials, they become red (default btb colors)
    One of users had something like operating system conflict - he wanted to use more materials, but he could not move the points in any direction (in Materials mode). The only way to solve it was that I've created an XPack with cross-sections especially prepared for him.
    I hope somebody else, who used previous versions, can help you with opening the projects.
  7. can you plz translate this in Netherlands language ? Somehow I get very dizy when i read this ...

    AJP71: Plz try to explain as simple as you can, what you are trying to do (achieve) ?

    Sometimes I think you just wanna build some 'roads' besides the track ?
  8. Ik aanbidden BTB :D
  9. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven
    Premium Member

    It should be: "Ik aanbid BTB".

    - Als je meer dan één type wegdek wil als ondergrond, overdwars dus, dan ga je via "edit track surface" en dan naar "materials". Je krijgt dan een rode lijn te zien. Zo niet, vink dan "Set Material" aan. Daarna kan je met de muis de rode lijn slepen van punt naar punt. Van de buitenste punt naar binnen. Daarna kan je materiaal toevoegen via "rechtermuisknop Add Material"

    - Je kan alleen punten toevoegen door CTR muis in het "shape" menu.
  10. Thanks Erwin :) for both ;)
  11. Tnx Erwin, yep, then I did understand it correct, was last night doing exactly the same thing ;)

    Martinez: leuk :)
  12. Haha, kocham was na zawsze:)

    Dobrze .