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lost projects help <solved>

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by banger, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Continue editing my xpacks from projects folder for updates and now getting an exception error in xpack - isi default can't find mat0/arch.dds the, ive check the xpack the files are there.

    downloaded the xpack again same error. any ideas (oh well there 300 mb data) down the tube
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  2. ebrich

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    Have you checked the xml material file to see if it's path is correct to the texture and the object xml, for it's path to the material.
  3. ebrich

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    doubled my post!
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  4. you mean on these. it doesn't seem to matter even if i re downloaded the isi default.zip file again. i wondering if this is giving out a false report on btb or if there another problem unlying this. all i done to the xpacks mine and isi default was to rechange the mipmaps levels.and changed the shader to the approiate one. has most were on t1 shader. so i changed a few to road /treewall and resave in xpacker
  5. i also try the xpack on a new file no problems loading into btb after save. also no backups in btb folder.just notic that the xpack has no name for a tilte:DMZ: and it doesn't register in BTB properly.eg name title missing/ and date creation. also objects/materials don't show up in menus
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  6. The original xpack has a non-standard folder structure. In the zip file the root is usually Description XML and JPG, plus folders for Materials, Textures etc.

    ISI Stuff is different. The root in the zip file is an ISI Stuff folder, with the usual XPack structure inside it. When you edited the XPack, and presumably used XPacker to zip it up again, the standard structure may have been used. But for BTB, the paths are now different.
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  7. ok.... projected back up :)

    i'll re edited some of the files mipmaps and shaders again and added it here for a proper xpack. ebrich so you can re submit in your uploads section.i post on your facebook the link Soon, that way no one else makes the silly mistake of trying to put it in xpacks folder again. :)

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