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Lost connection

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kent Karlén, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. Have anyone same prob as I have?

    After about 15-20 min I always lost connection to the server I have join.
    And almost every time its very laggy. :(
  2. Its exactly the same for me Kent, have never finished a whole round so far, maybe race1 but never finishe race2 so far :(
  3. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I wonder if the demo servers are optimised yet ?:confused:
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Ours are! But it has some strange things in it :)

    When you kick one player as admin, the whole room dissappears :)
  5. James Johnson

    James Johnson
    The Weatherman

    lol yes we found out :pound:
  6. Lost connection bug

    I get lost connection on every server in the lobby.

    After I press "join" button I have a lagg of couple of seconds to a couple of minutes till I get into the car selection menu.

    It's ok as long as there are 2-3 players on the server, but, if it's crowded I'm dropped out instantly and I can't get in no matter what.

    I've replaced: antivirus, firewall, install and reinstall Steam/Race07, defraggment, scandisk, scan malware, spybots, format C:\, new fresh Windows install etc.
    Same bloody issue.

    I've turned to live support with my ISP. They've monitored my connection while I was making tests on different servers, and all they've said was that my connection is fine allright.

    Don't know if it's allright to do so, or if it helps... I've uploaded my Steam connection logs.

  7. Could you give us some more information about your system?
    XP / Vista?
    SP 1 2 3 ?
    Videocard and so on :)

    Maybe people have a better idea what the problem could be.
  8. If you are using a router it almost sounds like it can't take all the connections. Got another one to try?
  9. Hey, thx for replies. I thought I'm all alone and this is an exclusive/private bug.

    I appreciate your help.

    My sistem is a P4 641, 2 GB ddr2 with Windows XP Service Pack2.

    I don't have a router, I'm in neighbourhood network. Speed is aproximatively 7-8 mb but limited to 60-70 kb for everything outside RO borders.

    I've looked outside the window and there is a router in the top of that wooden pillar. But, I think it works just fine.

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  10. Neighbourhood internet? Never seen that before :p

    I honestly don't think the neighbourhood network can handle all the connections and that is why you disconnect when there is above a certain amount of people.
  11. Sorry for my bad english Oliver.

    The connection is fine. I can play CS Source on servers with 30-40 players without any kind of issues.

    Could it be that Race07 + Steam needs a larger bandwidth? I mean larger than let's say 100kb/s?
  12. No it should be fine with that bandwidth. Really weird.

    Can you try it on another pc?
  13. Yes, I've tried it on my dadd's laptop. It was a pain in the ass just to enter the game, but same bloody issue.

    It's like I need to take my PC elsewhere and try another connection (that's kind of difficult) or test the new patch, maybe it'll work something.
  14. If it is the same on another PC that immediately indicates the issue is with the connection.

    Who owns the Neighbourhood connection?
    How do you connect to it?(lan cable etc)
    Do you have your own router?
  15. Yes Oliver, it's a lan cable (network cable).

    The ISP is called NetSolution, and it's a private bussiness basically. They've bought bandwidth from the big ISP's I believe.
    I don't have a router, but, there's one outside my window. I guess it's just for my house.

    Can't wait to test the new patch, in my beautiful dreams my copy of Race07 is back to normal :amen:.
  16. Mzzzz, I can't think of something what could be the problem.
    Wonder what it could be.
  17. Holy smoke, I can't believe this *** ***.

    I've got my external bandwidth boosted to 1024 kbps. I didn't even asked how much it costs, and still same ***. Lost connection all the *** time.
    *** all, *** my PC, *** Race07. I quit.
  18. mmmmzzzz There must be a other way...
    aren't there any other people who use the same kind of internet connection?
  19. It must be either the router either my network card. I'm not saying it is, I hope it is so I can fix this stupid bugs. Network card is first to be replaced.
  20. Isn't there a update for your network card?