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Loss of pace after first stint?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jamie Fluke, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I am about half way through the 1st season in my career with Toro Rosso (Legend difficulty, 50% races). I've become increasingly better as the season has progressed and came to one of my better tracks in Valencia. Because of rain and my inability to be quick in anything other than dry conditions, I qualified 12th which isn't that bad but knowing my ability around the track it could have been better. The race itself was dry throughout apart from a spit of rain on the last few laps, not enough to change tyres.

    In the first 4 laps I charged through the field and found myself 5th, closing in on Grosjean and pulling away from Schumacher and Webber. All was going well. I didn't manage to get passed Romain due to my occasional sloppy errors which will cost me a second and a half or so for each mistake. So I sit in a comfortable 5th and on lap 12 I pit for the prime tyres. In theory with fresher rubber and less fuel on board my lap times should improve, but they never really did. No matter how hard I pushed and how well I hit my apexes, I was slowly getting swallowed up by everyone behind me, including my team mate.

    A few too many errors meant a drive through for corner cutting (mainly due to making a mess of the braking zone at the end of the DRS straight). So this dropped me to 8th, 5 seconds behind Massa. I thought that maybe with some good driving I would catch him. I ultimately finished 8th with a train behind me and 30 seconds behind Massa. I was baffled because I don't feel I was driving any worse.

    Has anybody else found themselves in this sort of position or am I alone?
  2. To me it feels like the AI is incredibly quick during their last stint. I like that though haha.
  3. Consistency changes and is dependent on the length of the race.

    AI fixes itself and shows its true potential after the race has settled in comfortably.

    Then again, it's 50%, so it's weirder for that to happen.

  4. What I've noticed is that the AI really sucks on the first stint.

    To be honest, I do have your problem on online races too. I'm good on the first stint with 100% fuel but after first-second pit stop I lose lots of time. Don't really know the reason. Maybe we don't push the car enough. We may hit apexes correctly, but if we brake a little later and take the corner with some more speed - and still hit apexes correctly - that may be what we're lacking off.

    For me - practice is the key. Altho I don't use this key cuz I'm lazy. :D Hope you're not like me. :D
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  5. Yup, I find the same as Kristian Nenov in that I probably brake too early and don't adjust my braking points- out of a lack practice mainly.

    The other reason though is becasue doing a 100% race with no flashbacks- I get nervous about making mistakes and so drive more conservatively.
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  6. Hmmm... Maybe it's a mix of the AI being woeful in the first stint and me just not quite adjusting to the changing levels of grip and fuel loads. I'd lean towards the AI being bad in the first stint as I had the fastest lap of the race by 3 tenths of a second. Then immediately after the stop the AI (Hamilton I think) slashed my time by a good second and a half. I won't get a chance to play much if any this weekend so in time I will keep an eye and see if a trend appears

    EDIT:- Maybe it's down to the fact that I keep forgetting to set my gears for the race instead of qualifying. I really should learn to get that right. In the race I was barely hitting 7th gear in Valencia
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  7. meretko

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    ai dont have balance of pace they are slow at starts t1 braking and s1 they are so slow i can get 10-12 place from start with caterham :D but after keeping position its very hard sometimes gettin penalty sometimes beeing lucky :D