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Mods Losail track mod 1.0

Qatar textures pack and lighting mod

  1. Jonix submitted a new resource:

    Losail track mod - Qatar textures pack and lighting mod

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  2. Like I said... more here. :)
    It's easier now, isn't it ?
    Oh thank Lord ..no more those dumb mix demix remixing of files. Just copy paste. :inlove:
    I bet you feel better now too cause process of "installation" is much more easier to explain.
    Yeah, Losail was the first, obvious, choice. I look at the track folder and was quite puzzled why Losail is so much smaller than other tracks - 140mb compared to next closest Texas - 215mb ?!? :O_o:
    Not to mention Monza's 409mb. Is that the reason why this track look quite... "off" by default or it's cause it's ONLY night track, what do you think?

    So... what's next? Any plans? :geek: Looking at pure track sizes I would say Texas but I'm quite sure you have some other plans. =)

    And on the end, I have to say that this game is quite good, far from perfect of course, but much bigger step from '15 than '15 is from '14. If Milestone keeps doing this we could have some really great moto simulator ...somewhere in 2019. :p
    On a serious note, this game feels better, drives better and for sure - looks better.
    Here's my new wallpaper as an example. And there's even better pics, I just pick this one for wallpaper.
    Dunno why but TinyPic resize my screen from 1920 to 1600. Wth? :alien:
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  3. Hi, image hostings just as video hostings compress quality...

    About the installation, nothing as changed, but last year I used to upload only modded textures and let users unpack/repack the .mix, this time I simply uploaded the whole mix file. Takes a little more time but it's faster for users...

    Anyway, losail needs less space because it contains less files, in fact the track is quite plain, there is not much in that (it's in the desert).
    Though, MixFileRemix repacks a bigger .mix, so the modded .mix container is actually bigger than default.
    Modded Losail.mix is 300 Mb, default is 140Mb...
    The compression algorithm of the modding tool is not the same as the original, but at least it works!

    Next track will be Argentina, following MotoGP 2016 calendar order ;)

    Thanks for taking the time to write that post!

    Also, I forgot to mention this:
    it takes a little longer to load the modded track than default track...but there is nothing I can do about it.
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  4. I can't extract the zip with winRAR. Obviously 7zip can as you advised, but it seems strange!
    Anyway, great looking Qatar now
  5. Code:
    1)Extract .rar archive win 7Zip or WinRar (first step it doesn't matter)
    Extract losail.mix from ZIP (using 7zip! it's ultra compressed, winRar can't decompress it). To do this, right click on Losail.zip-->7zip-->Extract here
  6. And it's even stranger that I always use winrar, as I did this time.
    Without any problems.
    So I'm not quite sure you have to say that people have to use 7zip but ok... it's your mod. :)
  7. It's because it's compressed with an ultra method and special library in 7Zip. So I cannot assure it will decompress fine with WinRar, in fact, it does not decompress with WinRar for me.

    For the main archive, that is only a container, you can use both, for the other one (Losail.zip) you have to use 7Zip, becuase it's heavily compressed (90Mb against real 300+ Mb)
    I needed to do that to save upload time
  8. Do I ?
    Look, I know what are you saying mate but I'm just saying...
    I opened it with winrar, click on it, then winrar again open it and extract without any problems.
    I have no reason whatsoever to lie to you. Why would I, just making thing complicated for you?

    But ok, like I already said.. no big deal, if they have 7zip they can use it if not.. they can download it. But you know how people are... 7zip is a great program, not to mention it's free but many will go like "oh just for this file I need to download another program? not me", that's my whole point.
    I just don't want that your mod goes unnoticed thanks to this smal... glitch, should I say? =)
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2016
  9. It was directed to Giovaneveterano and future downloaders...if it worked for you with winrar okay, probably it works with newer winrar versions. But for all the others just use 7zip and it will be fine. It allows me to compress 300Mb to 90Mb, winrar does not allow me to do that much

    Losail.mix=300 Mb
    Ultra compression 7zip=90Mb
    Ultra compression winrar=116 Mb

    My upload speed is slow so it makes a big difference

    p.s. 7Zip is not an unknown program, it's better than WinRar and is free