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Looking to buy new wheel, need some input!

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by sebastalona, Feb 23, 2015.

  1. Hi folks. I currently have a Fanatec GT2 with CSP V1's (which currently need either a new hall sensor or PCB due to issue with accelerator). I am looking to replace the wheel, and the choice is between the T500rs and the T300rs. I mainly race on PC, but did pick up a PS4 just before Christmas.

    Each appear to have their pro's and cons. I definitely want the Ferrari F1 add on wheel whichever one I go for.

    Overclockers have the T500rs (which is the GT6 licensed one, which I also believe is that latest revision?), which includes the F1 wheel for half price: Thrustmaster T500 RS Simulator Racing Wheel with Half Price Ferrari F1 Wheel Bundle [BU-000-TH]

    Pro's, the price obviously, and it's a much nicer set of pedals, which would be handy if I can't get the Clubsports sorted soon. Con's, the fixed paddles, but I'm sure I would get used to it, besides I normally play open wheel/prototypes so the F1 wheel would probably be on for the majority.

    The T300 is £249 on Amazon, so with the £100 I'd have to pay for the F1 wheel, it's only £40 cheaper than the other package. Pros, FFB seems to be regarded as a smoother experience, paddles on the wheel, and PS4compatible which would be handy if GT7 ever surfaced. Cons, the pedals are very, very basic.

    Decisions, decisions. I need some input here!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. T500. Tested, reliable and proven. Pedals. End of. :thumbsup:
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  3. Read up on PS4 compatibility between T300 and T500:

    I went from GT2+CSPv1 to T500 to T300 over the last 2 years.

    I'd rate the T500 pedals as my favourites (CSP feel nice but I am not a big fan of load cells so I actually prefer the T500 pedals because I like the stock brake feel).
    Obviously the T300 pedals are mediocre. Useable but mediocre. I'd love to have been able to try the T3PA pedals but they are almost impossible to find.

    I'd rate the T300 wheel as the best of the bunch.
    The GT2 is smooth but sluggish and underpowered (I found myself using minimum damper, high drift mode and still disliking how slow it feels). I gave up on mine as soon as I stopped playing Forza on Xbox.
    The T500 is way more powerful, but a bit notchier and while not as much turning resistance as the GT2 I wish it were a little lighter. However the power is nice, and if you really want maximal FFB it's a step up from the GT2 or T300. It takes some getting used to, since at full power it takes a firm grip to keep the car pointed where you want. Once you get used to it, other wheels feel weak :)
    The T300 actually feels very different from the GT2 or T500: The brushless motor and improved bearings mean that it's very free turning: It feels like a newer and improved belt technique compared to the others. This allows you to feel nuances easily. The T300 is between the GT2 and T500 in power but still spins fast enough that I don't find it getting in the way, drifting is a whole lot of fun. I love the free spinning nature of it.

    Shifter paddles:
    I love the big chunky T500 paddles. For road cars they are awesome. But for open wheel racecars you will occasionally hit moments where you have no paddle to hand and need to shift, which is slightly irritating. Buying the GTE or F1 rim solves that, obviously. I have no issues shifting using the GTE rim paddles with the T500 base paddles still attached.
    I prefer the GTE/PS rim paddles to the Fanatec GT2 paddles. They have a nice click to them.

    Of course, the T300 still has question marks over quality control right now. There is a higher chance of having issues than the T500 which has been around since early 2011 and is a known and generally high quality product. But if I had to choose I'd go for the T300 with some after-market pedals. For instance the CPX adapter to use clubsports, or the T3PA pedals.
  4. Thanks very much for the in depth feedback. Your info is especially useful as you have owned a GT2 as well.

    I'm planning on definitely keeping the CSP's, so that consideration isn't that important.

    Can I clarify, I would just need the adapter for the CSP for PS4 games, as I can connect them directly via USB to the PC?
  5. Also, is it safe to say that the reliability issues have been addressed since the T300's release? Or is it still a bit of a risk?
  6. You can run Clubsports directly via USB to the PC, of course. I have been doing so recently (T300, TH8A shifter, Clubsport pedals as 3 separate USB devices, works fine in AC, pCARS, R3E, iRacing, Euro TruckSim, Wreckfest, GRiD Autosport, Richard Burns Rally, etc...)

    If you want to use pedals with a Thrustmaster wheel on a console you need to make sure they plug into the wheelbase directly. This means either Thrustmaster's own pedals (the T300, T500 and aftermarket T3PA are all interchangeable) or an adapter. There are two adapters to use G27 pedals with a Thrustmaster wheel, and the following one for Clubsport pedals: http://www.basherboards.com/CPX

    T300 is still definitely having quality issues, but no clue what % of wheels are suffering. It's pretty clear that right now Thrustmaster is struggling to meet demand as they are effectively the sole wheel vendor for decent wheels on PS4 and Xbox One. So make sure you buy a T300 from a reputable vendor with a good returns policy (this advice applies to all FFB wheels though) if you go for it.

    The T500 is very likely to be zero issues, but then again two guys posted with T500 problems on GTPlanet in the last week, so you never know. My own T500 is 14 months old and still works perfectly, although I mostly just use it for console so it's not getting a huge amount of use right now.
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