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Looking for WS-WT 2013 seat

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Esteve Rueda, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm Esteve Rueda form Zaragoza (Spain), the guy who won the free FSR license in last Winter Series season. And now I'm looking for a seat.

    In that tournament I didn't get good results, and only in the first race I had time to practice, but I think I can do a good job in this World Series season. I'm drivng in rFactor since January 2010, and I improved a lot since that days. I'm not the best driver with openwheels now, but I'm sure I'm prepared to join WS, I don't know what to say about my simracer career, I prefer to show myself in a test if It's possible.

    I thought about going into the FSR when It gives the jump to RF2, but having been fortunate to have the license for free, I do not want to waste it and I want to give all my effort for the entire 2013 season. I need to take a step forward, especially to learn deeply openwheels/F1, because I have enough experience with GT cars but not with OW talking about setups and some other points.

    No much more to say, I would like to show myself to interested and uncompleted teams as I said before, and If I'm able to race WS, perfect. If not, I have no problem to drive for a team in WT and show along the time what I can do and what I can improve.


    PS: Sorry if i have language mistakes :rolleyes: english isn't my native language.
  2. Good pickup for some team! GL
  3. Thanks! I hope to find a seat for this season, would be nice to see some drivers from Winter Series who fight against in perfect conditions :p.
  4. Rando

    @ Simberia @Simberia

    Hey, I Pmed you and added in MSN.
  5. Hey dude, NetRex is one of the best teams, what lucky you are! I hope you can solve your pedal problems soon!

    Hey tio, NetRex es uno de los mejores equipos, que suerte tienes! Espero que puedes arreglar los pedales muy pronto!


    Carlos Martín

  6. Thanks Carlos, and yeah... these guys are fast :D I have much to learn from them. And don't worry, I will be there in the next race, I hope so, my brake pedal is fine now.

    Gracias Carlos! y si, son rápidos :D tengo bastante que aprender de ellos. Y no te preocupes, estaré ahí en la siguiente carrera, al menos eso espero, que mi pedal ya está bien.

    Un saludo!