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Looking for someone to design Nemesis Racing's Car.

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by James Peutherer, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Hello there, Nemesis Racing are targeting The Hungarian Grand Prix as our entrance to the World Trophy. We are well into preparations for the race, however we would like somebody to design our car for this season, named the Nemesis Racing NR-001. Full credit will be given to the person who will design the car. We are looking for a black car with red "Red Bull- esc" sides with "Peutherer" on the back of the wing and "Nemesis Racing" on either side of the car. We don't mind what sponsors we have. We will be truly greatful to anyone who can supply us with the car for our WT season. If you decide to design it, say on this post and post the ready car to jamespeutherer@gmail.com with the files ready to send to the FSR Administrators. Many Thanks

    J Peutherer - Co-Owner and Driver of Nemesis Racing.

    *UPDATE* - No car numbers please.
  2. What is the car model that you choose?
  3. Red Bull Car Model, also on both sides of the cockpit can there be a british flag and J. Peutherer. Many thanks. Also red wings. *Update* Changed it to both sides of cockpit
  4. Do you have Nemesis Racing logo or something?
  5. Reply

    No but it would just be a large black font.
  6. OK, I`ll try something for you, if you have anything on your mind regarding to the painting, just let me know before it`s to late.
  7. Alright, cheers.
  8. The Car is being renamed the NR-001, for its release. instead of GP-01
  9. Also, are you able to do a helmet with James Peutherer on the front and a suit if it's not too much to ask.
  10. One final thing, in two places somewhere on the car can you put the URL www.nemesis-racing.tripod.com, possibly one on the front of the back wing.
  11. If its not too late can you change the Nemesis racing writing on the side of the car to a white font on the same red background.
  12. Just so you know when I meant red-bull esc I didn't mean the bull I meant the car is black with red sides.
  13. OK, got you!
  14. I shoud be able to give you the Abbreviation and team numbers tonight or tommorow.
  15. is it possible to do different helmets for example:
    mine would be a white and green background and the red dragons headpoking from the back to both sides of helmet
  16. I guess so, Tamas is posting some samples.
  17. Here you got three samples of the phase one painting. It`s missing the sponsors and some of your request, but they are all on the list.
    NR 01.jpg NR 02.jpg NR 03.jpg Please let me know of your thought about and post your comments on it.

    Thank you!
  18. Or so I thought.
  19. It looks amazing.
  20. Forget the other of my requests, plonk my country and name on the side of the cockpit and last name on backwing and put the sponsors and the renault thing in and its perfect.