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Looking for some people to race with

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Red, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. Red


    Hey everyone, I was looking on forza's forums and saw a link here, I'm looking for some more people to race with, I usually race with a few friends or mess around by myself. But recently the messing around by myself has become a bit too common heh. I'm looking for people I can race competitively with, me and my friends usually just go to a few tracks and duke it out, sometimes we just drag race (Often at Le mans, never on actual strips, too many load screens).

    I might be interested in joining a league if I can be competitive. Last time I ran a league was on NASCAR the game 2011, but that game was way too glitchy, and I traded it off. I try my best to race clean, but I don't mind a little rough racing as long as we stay pointed in the right direction lol. I think that comes from being a NASCAR fan.

    I'm 26, race with a wheel (CSR - with CSR elite pedals and shifter set),I use no assist (which is what my lobbies are locked too when I play with my friends). I admit I get frustrated at times, but usually only if the car I'm in handles like a tank, or a sled on ice. I'm 'ok' at tuning I don't consider myself the best at that, but stock tunes get to loose under braking for my taste.

    The GT is : Dark Redslayer
    I also play BF3 (conquest, core) and other games at random. If you add me just send a message letting me know you're from here.
  2. Hi Red,

    Welcome to RD. Our events are usually 8:30 BST. What time zone are you in?

    Many guys are on at other times as well as we are not all in Europe.
  3. Red


    I'm in the Eastern time (US) zone. If I'm right BST is 5 hours ahead of me.
  4. Yep, sound about right. If you can race at that time you will be more than welcome.
  5. True dat! If you fancy getting involved with any of our club events or leagues then all you need to do is apply for a free RaceDepartment Licence and you'll be away!
  6. Red


    Well, I'll see how I fair first, then I'll have to figure out how to do that :p
  7. Red


    I've just come into a job that's going to have me traveling all around the USA, so I'm gonna hold off on any sign-ups, since I'll be gone days / weeks at a time. randomly.