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Looking for some basic tips with the Star Mazda

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Jamie Shorting, Aug 24, 2011.

  1. I really suck at this car. To me if feels like it doesn't have wings and slides sideways alot. Anyways does somebody have any basic tips that I should know in driving this car? Thanks for reading.
  2. Setup is everything i have found with this. Find a setup that works for you is the key. Some setups i hvae tried are so slidey and i hate that. Things is to break at the right place and in most corners cruise around it. This is faster than blipping the throttle. Tab key it so you can see where you loose or gain time and try differing breaking points. This car if you you get your breaks set right can break very late which means alot of time per corner. The car does not accelerate well in a bend and so i tend to plant it more as soon as i am straight but this depends on the bumpy track.

    I struggled with this car and am just getting used to it a little now but my finishes have been poor due to the fact its a C class car and people in road have not settled down and still think its won in the first corner. Last night i did a race and had 12 points after the first 3 corners and i made sure i started at the back. Cars all over the damned track.

    To me its all about practice mate
  3. Nick is 100% correct, you need to have a setup that works for you in this car big time. Some drive it really tight and others drive it extemely loose. The other thing is never let up all the way with the throtle, that will cause the rear to become loose as well.
  4. Thanks for your input guys! :D