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Looking for Racing

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Cyberschn1tzel, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    I joined this community in order get fun racing action, because the public servers in Assetto Corsa annoyed me. iRacing is good but i dont want to spend much more, if i dont have too much time anyway.
    I played GT4/5/6 and now AC and want to improve my skills now and get more experience.
    Hopefully we will race togheter!


    btw: im swiss

    edit.: did i read correct, that I cant get a license for now?
  2. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson
    Sponsored by BRUT Premium Member

    Hi Patrick, You can join and be a premier member for hardly any money. ;) Then you can join in the races. Our races are very clean, no rammers or cheats. :thumbsup:
  3. i will think of it... could be a good "investment".
    this community looks like the most active one at the moment ;)

    watched some videos on youtube of racedepartement. this is exactly what im looking for :) racing...
    though i will wait a bit and try to get a stable form again until i join your races.
    thx for the help
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2015