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Looking for racing game, wrc 3 good?

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Martin Larsen, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. Hi, I have some old WRC games and WRC 1, didnt buy WRC 2 because off the same stages and everything. So how good/bad is WRC 3? on gameplay and stages, hopefully something new not just the same stages as other games?

    And is there something new on career mode, or the same as 1 and 2?

    Edit: If you know another good game than just write that to, I want a game with real good career mode. ANd will be on pc or ps3
  2. I did not play WRC 1 or 2, but I like WRC 3 more than Dirt2 and 3! The rally content stages are very good, there are some mods out. Download the demo and give a try!
  3. Hey XLR8TR/Superd00ps, its me Ledanek from Codie DiRT3 forum. Thanks for the heads up on the demo. I've almost given up on this game since its not available in USA. I see there is a download available, but I'm reading problem(s)/bug with the download version vs the physical media version. I'm not sure how that could happen. I'm still trying to research where to purchase this physical media in the USA. There are eBay listing, unfortunately, at a higher price.
    If you have some redirects or links that further discuss solutions to the known bugs, I would greatly appreciate it.
    I'm still giving DiRT3 a run. A newer modder is trying out some things, currently on Subby N12 car. It still slips and slides and need a TAG mod.
    Anyway, so far digging the default setting on the WRC3 Demo on Spain stage on my G27. If I get a chance, I'll try to fiddle with the G27 settings and see what can make the experience better. Gonna need a label maker, since the default setting/console port is not wheel friendly on me.
    I'm digging the eyecandy, the track is waaaaaaaaaaay better than CM.
    I see threads on G27 settings, that great, wish it was pinned so its easier to find for the new members.
    I'll also be researching on the proper mods that will help this game better.
    Going to Bookmark this so I can visit this thread daily for any new topics. Hope to share ideas with y'all soon.
  4. In road to challange, how does that work? I mean after you have beaten the boss thing, will you get to a real WRC championship than?
  5. Hey ledanek, how's it going? If you liked Dirt1, you will love WRC3,...it's very challenging. The only real issue with the digital download Vs. the store bought PCDVD is the patch! It does not work on the digital download version :( And if you thought Codies was bad for support,...you haven't dealt with Milestone! :( I bought my game from greenman gaming and they still do not have a patch for their version and they are waiting on Milestone to give them one.

    My G25 finally wore out and now I have a G27. If you create a profile in Wingman you can adjust steering rotation and such. I just use the default except for no steering dead zone
  6. Hi Martin,
    Yea you can play a championship.