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Looking for Race Seat

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Lee Morris, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hi Guys, been a while since i been here in FSR but im off work at the end of the moneht and available to race.

    I guess all teams are sorted but i was wondering if there were any spare seats in WC for the Canadian Grand Prix or maybe some testing role for the season.

    I think i can bring alot to a team since i left FSR i believe i have matured alot as a driver/person and id like to give it a shot in WC if the possibility arose.

    Feel free to contact me if any seats are available.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/LeeMorrisGaming?ref=tn_tnmn
    Skype - leebo1988
    Email - morrislee@hotmail.co.uk

    Hope to hear from you, cheers !
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  2. Good to see you coming back.
  3. How long is this one going to last. Kappa.
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  4. Well bugger me. He returns :p
  5. Once again you completley miss the point, it will last one race as thats all i can do if i get the chance to do one race that is, as most teams are full, but i am looking for a full time test role.

    Also the only reason i left fsr in the first place was due to the fact i cannot race due to work but i have some holidays so i can do one race if needed.

    I never fell out with any of my teams in FSR the only reason i left is due to work, i would still be here full time if not and not have bothered with that shambles at GPVWC.

    Please learn the facts before making comments like this as its untrue that i quit all the time due to not being able to win.
  6. Lee Morris, you're a menace! :roflmao: (I hope you know where this came from! :laugh:)
  7. Haha i have an idea, please update me lol.
  8. Wb leeee!!!!!
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  9. Had some offers for future projects, just wondering if there would be any chance of a WC seat for the Canadian GP race, thanks. also im interested in long term test roles with teams already had some interesting offers so will make a decision soon i hope :) just good to be back driving :)
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  10. Were you not you driving with the italian pescara team?
  11. they are danish since they took over from ATR
  12. That was over in the SRZ league. I don't believe Lee came across with them to FSR.
  13. Not fully no, i have links with them still, but nothing like that makes me drive for them as such :)