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Looking for locations.......

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by MooresvilleKid, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. Spa Francorchamps, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, Road Atlanta, 3 of my favorites.
  2. Just Google "rfactor 2 tracks" and you'll find a couple spa versions.

    Isn't monza one of the original tracks but called something else?

    Road Atlanta I would very much like to see to..
  3. There's at least one acceptable Road Atlanta out there... sometimes it pays to troll the server list and see what's "out there". Unless, of course, you didn't subscribe to online access?
  4. I think sheite ( his name ) released a very good wip of road Atlanta, called Atlantic rd as its not licenced, you will find that on the isi forums. For the likes of spa and Monza, racerfactor guys are your best bet for not too shabby looking fully functional f1 conversions. Isi also have historic Monza, called brianza in the stock install.
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  5. Thanx for the replies, i have spa and monza now, im still trying to get atlantic road as it is not a rar file, i try to open to extract and get notepad, im kinda new to this. My wife got me this sim for Christmas and is regretting it now.
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  6. If the file is .rfcmp, you don't need to extract anything. Just drop it into your packages folder and it will show up in the launcher's packages icon, local content. Highlight the name and click install.
  7. Thanks!!! I have all three now, Road Atlanta is a blast im so glad i have it now. I actually got to drive a shelby mustang there a couple of years ago. Went to the Petit Lemans last year the rain really sucked but we enjoyed it as always. Thanks again for the tips everyone!
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