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Looking for guest spot for the weekend(imola)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Eastman, May 29, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I been looking into starting my team but really want to race Imola if possible. Always been one of my fav. tracks from back in the day.

    I uploaded a hot-lap just to show what I can do and not wasting anyone's time.

  2. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    The top of FSR PRO will do below 1:21 so you still need more practice. :p

    Also, remove that music from the video. >.>

    I don't want to be mean but whoever puts music in their hotlaps are weird :D
  3. If you pay for the drivers license, then you can join my team easily in PRO.
  4. Only my second day on RFactor 2, I figured it would take me some time to get up to pace with the leaders :)

    The main part is being on the grid, taking part in the race weekends, and gaining experience to go forward.....

    besides, if you watch the video i can see atleast 3 missed apex's and plenty of places to keep improving....def not a perfect lap!!! Just figured ppl would take me more seriously if I showed I can get the car around the track.
  5. The main part of your development is to practice offline, not to join in server unexperienced driver with 2 days with the sim (there are a lot of them, no need extra).
  6. He already did under 1.21 and is in my team. :D
  7. There's a lot of them? The most amount of people I've seen at any point this week is 4......
  8. Under 1.21 with what fuel ?
  9. I meant to not be hurry to race if you are not ideal prepared for the race or to race with 20+ drivers.
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  10. Appreciate the concern and I get your point, I don't think I'll be a danger to other drivers if that's what you mean...
  11. Everybody thinks like that... And then every race we have carnage and retired cars...
  12. Yes, some of the starts have been gnarly......
  13. stupid music in your video = wasting time watching cba alt f4
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  14. The top of FSR PRO will do below 1:20 ;)
  15. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Yeah I know now, but not all will go below 1:21 either. :D
  16. What did I tell you mate? You're just not ready, you destroyed my rear left suspenssion.
  17. Did we even make contact? I mean I was beached in the middle of the track pulling off-line to the outside and you tried to go around me the wrong side...I don't know how you can sum that up as anything more than bad luck. I thought you just span as you went around me
  18. Why don't you just watch the replay? It says a lot.
  19. I watched it....again at that point I don't know what you expect me to do...if you watch the replay you see me wait for a clear bit of track but i messed up my exit from the gravel. not easy driving with no suspension on the right side. Once I was at that angle your blind in my mirrors so im pulling forward to get off the racing line. How can I know your going to try to go around me on the outside of that bend? If i reverse there, i block the corner entry to the apex, if i sit still, i block both. It sucks we came together but you still finished the race, and definately being a bit harsh judging from some of the crazy incidents going on in that race.
  20. The fact is - you destroyed my race after only 8 laps. Nothing else I can say. You should be using maps, look left/right buttons and anithing else that might keep others safe.