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Looking for Clean Friendly Drivers

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by toucanfirer, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. Hi I would like to introduce myself Toucanfirer and a close friend of mine for 10 years Jman254

    We have played F1 together since the great days of F1 99-02, We used to run our own league many years ago W2W Racing, however the community died down for that. since then we have played F1 2010/2011 and now 2012 we usually stick to just co-op seasons as we know each others driving style and have the trust needed in each others ability not to do something stupid, however saying that we do sometimes have the odd slip up just like button and hamilton lol. Well the long and short of the message is we are looking for Clean Decent Friendly drivers who know how to race fair and that realise you can't win in the first corner to join us online multiplayer for a few races each day or night when we is on.

    We usually run all aids allowed apart brakes, any skill level quick quali and 25% races random tracks and may start doing variable weather.

    If any of you guys are interested feel free to add us up on steam or when u see either of our names with a room up jump in. We are usually on skype as well for added banter

    PM for skype name if english speaking and interested in having a laugh whilst racing

    Cheers for reading

    Toucanfirer and Jman254 :)
  2. We will also be looking into setting up a website and creating a league in future , so feel free to join us for some banter and races guys .
  3. <removed -Tom>
  4. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Jman254 & Carl Hughes I know you guys have good intentions but this is RaceDepartment and we can't tolerate people luring people onto other websites when they came here to find people to race with.

    toucanfirer There are several racing clubs & leagues available, to be found here. Please set your races up just like everyone else. Use RD and keep one thing in mind: having your own website means you start with 0 members and thus 0 events. It's not easy to build something from scratch. :)
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  5. Sorry Tom didn't realise we couldn't mention other leagues, I wasn't trying to lure anyone away :redface:
  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    I know, wasn't meant that way Carl. I just don't want to have double standards, so if I disallow linking to one league I must remove references to other leagues as well. :)
  7. Cool no probs Tom :thumbsup:
  8. I never advertised any league name , We simply asked if any drivers would like to come visit a room and play F1. I mentioned that in future there will be a website for a F1 league to let anyone know who was interested , but that's not up and running hence we're not luring anybody away from this fine set up.
  9. woz9us

    Premium Member

    Once I sort my wheel I'll have a race or two.
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    See, that's the connection. ;)

    Don't get me wrong, I just want people to

    1) use the correct forum (the one I linked in my first post


    2) realise that this is RD and we know how difficult it is to run a website.

    Trust me, setting your own website up isn't beneficial. Using RD to run a leagueis making it easier and you'll have a smooth experience. :)

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