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Looking for a WT or WS seat for 2013

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ryan Walker, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone
    Looking for a World Trophy or World Series seat for 2013.

    I can work hard in a team and can give feedback on the set up and car and always try to finish every race I take part in and can work well within a team. Not the quickest but always aim to finish races and score points.

    Here is some experience I have in open wheelers on another league I race. I have scored points in the GPVWC Supercup races I have taken part in this season and won a Supercup race last season at Mexico on GPVWC.

    I also won the GPVWC award for most improved driver in the Supercup in 2011 and also the GPVWC most improved driver for Superleague in 2011.

    Also below is a record from Supercup and Superleague last year:

    2011 Supercup season:
    Mexico - 1st
    Spa - 2nd
    Barcalona - 2nd
    Turkey - 6th
    Bahrain - 9th
    Supercup standings finish - 9th
    GPVWC Supercup Most Improved Driver 2011
    2012 Supercup season (so far):
    Abu Dhabi Grand Prix - 7th
    Italian Grand Prix - 7th
    Dutch Grand Prix - 5th
    United States Grand Prix - 10th
    Brazilian Grand Prix - 10th
    2011 Superleague season:
    South Africa - 10th
    Austria - 10th
    France - 9th
    Silverstone - 7th
    Bahrain - 6th
    Istanbul - 6th
    Monza - 7th
    Zandvoort - 8th
    Singapore - 10th
    2011 Superleague standings finish: 17th
    GPVWC Superleague Most Improved Driver 2011
    Thanks for your time
  2. Good luck with finding a team Ryan.

    Eduard K├Áre
  3. Tume

    The unlucky Finn

    Sent you a pm Ryan.
  4. Ryan i sent a recommendation to James and he is thinking it over so we might see you in a Nemesis Car in 2013
  5. pm sent
  6. Seat found - thanks for looking.