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Looking for a WT drive for 2011

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Clayton Nelmes, Nov 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys my names Clayton Nelmes i've raced here in fsr for 2 years now, first season in Pro and This year raced in WS for just over half a season. I now feel hungry to race again but however in WT (or whatever will be on the sunday time slot). For those 2 seasons i raced with broken equipment and quite frankly i just couldn't take it anymore and desided to quit. Now i've got a new G27 and been doing some laps in the meganes and been having fun and feeling a good vibe.

    I obviously won't make a 100% desision until the pesidential stuff is all organised and all the other stuff that needs to be finalised like classes and stuff, but i'm here to see what options i have from any teams. So yeah I think most know who i am and all that stuff, if anyone wants to know anything just pop me a pm or add me on msn. nelmesf1 @ hotmail.com (spaces in there, when adding me dont have the spaces)

  2. talk with Christian FTS boss!

  3. Thanks, i will. :)

    Just a note to everyone and anyone im open to all offers or questions i want to review all my options so just add my msn :) Thanks.
  4. Alberto, I'll gladly discuss a seat with Clayton, he's a very competitive driver, but please don't post my MSN address in "mailto" link form in the public forum, will get picked up by every spam bot out there! :D
  5. haha sorry! my error!
  6. Que te esta diciendo que lo edites, inutil xD
  7. LOL!!!
  8. Edited your email out of the post :)
  9. como si le fueran a robar toda la plata via msn :s LOL!
  10. No, pero ahora le enviaran spam de viagra, alargadores de pene y eso :D
  11. También le pueden agregar señoras majas enseñando ciertas partes por la webcam. Aunque eso quizás le gustaría y todo... :tongue:
  12. Alberto, mira el descontrol que armaste en los foros de FSR! :tongue:

    Thanks Mikko. :wink:
  13. jajajajaja sorry :p
  14. Closed. I've found a seat.