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Looking for a used PC wheel

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Niels Eppenhof, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I'm not very serious in this game, but I do want to play without TC and stuff because that's the fun out of it.
    I tried doing this with the controller I had (Logitech Rumblepad 2) but that didn't work.
    So, I'm looking for a cheap wheel that does the job.

    Was thinking of the Ferrari Racing Wheel Universal.
    Is that a good wheel or isn't it?
  2. I bought a Thrustmaster Ferrari GT experience wheel about 4 months ago for £37.00 from amazon and it does the job for the moment, i've had to replace the paddles and had a few problems with the pedals.

    Scott Webber is selling a Logitech Driving force GT on here for £55.00 plus postage. something like that would probably be better.
  3. That's cheap because the Logitech Driving Force GT is 99 euro's over here :p
    So I should look for something which is about 50-60 euro's if I don't want it to breakdown the 1st month?
  4. The worst ive heard about the DFGT is the buttons on the back of the wheel for gear shifts (no paddles) can get a bit sticky.

    I think the cheaper Logitech stuff is slightly better quality than cheaper Thrustmaster wheels, so If I was in your position and wanted cheap and reliable, then Logitech is probably the best way to go.
  5. I play with the supersports 3x , he got a customizer , you can put a more sensivity for the wheel and the pedals , place the buttons like you want . And it works good , sure , it is not a Logitech but , it works and he is like 40-50 Euros.

    Sorry for my english.....
  6. Okay, I'll take this all in mind when deciding.
    I've also seen a steering wheel from the brand 'Konig'.
    It's not popular, but most of the times, the unpopular brands have better customer service, so if something breaks down I can get it replaced for free most of the times. The one I was looking at was 29 euros. Worth the try?
  7. Try , if you don't like him replace him. But , it takes time to be good with him , but after , you will be dependant of him lol.
  8. Reverse logic eh? I dunno about Konig, but in general you get what you pay for. Not had to use it myself but I hear Logitech service on returns is top notch.
  9. Ok, Thank you all.
    I've not yet decided but this has helped me a lot :)
  10. I use the Xbox 360 wheel and i like it a lot. I picked my first wheel up which i keep as spare now for £28 from CEX, and i picked a new one up from Argos. Can't remember how much the new one was though.