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Looking for a seat

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Luka Oslakovic, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    my name is Luka Oslaković and I come from Slovenia. Iam 17 years old and love sim-racing. I have many years experience from F1C and now for the last 3 years in rFactor. I've raced a few leagues before, also ran 1 by myself. I find my self as a fair and quick driver. Iam very motivated and want a chance to get in FSR to race also in next years.

    Looking forward to race with you :)
  2. Hey Luka, long time no see!

    Great to see you around and good luck on getting a seat!

    [Post by Muhammed Patel]
  3. Hi, nice to see you too :) hehe I guess I will really need luck :p

    I will provide some more information if I didn't convince anybody yet. I'm using G25 wheel for 3 years now and am really motivated for serious racing. I really hope any team in World Series or W. Trophy could hire me for last round Abu Dhabi so I can show my skills and pay the tax and get good seat for 2011 season.

    My 2009 & 2010 moves from other league:

  4. I think the best way to show your speed is to set some laptimes on the FSR public server. good luck
  5. Ok currently Iam doing times around 1:41 in Abu Dhabi but constantly going faster as it's day n.1 with this mod. I hope someone picks me soon.:) Message me by PM or e-mail me: keiko.orca@hotmail.com