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Looking for a seat in world trophy

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Sven Sirk, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. At first I should give you guys a brief overview of myself, my name is Sven Sirk as most of you know that by watching my forum-name. I am a sixteen years old boy from Europe, Estonia! I've been in sim-racing world since two zero zero nine, but I haven't been in any serious leagues yet. I've been racing for two Estonian leagues in that time, one was formula renault and second was GP2. Altought I haven't achieved any good times nor positsion in that time but that's because I haven't been serious with it. 2013 is the year when I wan't to re-join sim-racing and make myself a good name and I thought that FSR would be good for that.

    For now I am searching for a seat as a main driver or as a reserve driver in world trophy, I'll accept every offer!

    You can contact me via e-mail or by sending me a private message in this forum.
    My email is svenoleen@gmail.com, I would like to remind you something, if you're going to send me a email then add [FSR] to the subject as I do receive lots of emails every day and it would be easier then for me to sort out which one is important and which one is not.
  2. Sven i thought you were the Team Manager for 451 Motorsports in the WT
  3. I don't know no nothing about that!
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  4. Bumping!
  5. Well, I think that I've found myself a seat.

    Mustakurmu Racing.