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Looking for a seat in WC

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Vincent Loi, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hi, I have been in simracing for over 5 years. (rFactor, LFS, RACE07, etc)
    If you would like to take the risk, please feel free to contact me.
    Granted I have not tried this mod yet (installing as of I am typing this), but I am confident I can be a contender if I practice hard.

    BTW: I would like to look for a seat in WC or WS, sorry for the mistype on the title.


  2. Hello Vincent and welcome to FSR.

    As the WC race director I'd suggest you first try to compete in WS. Teams (and myself) can then evaluate your driving standards, pace etc. and determine whether to recruit you in to WC or in my case, grant you a provisional WC Super License (read the rule documents for more information on this) so that you are first of all, eligible to drive in WC.
  3. Welcome Vincent, nice intro.
    I'm sure you'll be contacted by a few teams soon. Enjoy your stay! I think you should look to join somebody, try the Mod, do some (WS?) races with a team and then find out if you want to have a go in 2011 possibly in the WC.
  4. Thanks Mikko and Dennis for replying so fast.

    I am syncing my rfactor with simsync pro now, and hopefully would be able to try out the mod an hour later.
    So all I have to do now is to wait for some teams to contact me for WS seats and interact with them? I hope I am on the right track.