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Looking for a seat in WC or PRO (check exp)

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Vladimer Mereli, Oct 23, 2014.

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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking to make my entrance to FSR for the 2015 league.
    Check my sig for experience and achievements.

    Not only can I be fast on track, but I also know how to improve the car as I have some good knowledge of how the game works. 4 Straight team championships with 3 different teams prove that fact.

    2011 Tyka F1 EXP Championship - 1st Place Drivers / 1st Place Team with Olympic Motor Racing
    2012 xRPM F1 Championship - 1st Place Team with Storm Racing
    2013 xRPM F1 Championship - 1st Place Drivers / 1st Place Team with AJ Racing
    2014 xRPM F1 Championship - Leading Drivers / 1st Place Team with AJ Racing
  2. Dear all,

    After a long winter break, I am bringing this topic back to life.

    I am in a real need of a 2015 WC seat. I have won the 2014 xRPM Thrustmaster Formula Championship to make it 3 championship wins in the last 4 years there. I want to prove myself in FSR this time around! Based on the last season I am feeling in best form ever!

    Please pm me if interested.
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  3. Race in the Winter Series and show what you can do, otherwise it's difficult to convince anyone just with words.
  4. Not sure how the winter series works here in FSR? Could be interesting but not really as serious as the main league. Maybe another way to convince is just by showing a few fast laps on the server :) Wouldn't that be enough?
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  5. Vladimer we have our last race in Istanbul in 2 weeks. That should be enough to get acclimated with the Formula Renault 3.5 car as it has locked setup. There's also a server with the track so you could take the car for a spin and show to any interested team what you can do.
  6. I will conquer that by saying I have strong history of delivering stronger results in races especially if I have good raw pace :)

    This might be interesting considering the car has a locked setup as I will not have much time to fiddle with other cars settings 1 month prior to the season. I will check this mod out and see exactly what is locked or not..
  7. says u need build 910, I have 930. Any problems for that renault 3.5 mod?
  8. Probably outdated post. We are using 930.

  9. You say WC or PRO but you do realize PRO is not the second highest? The top two divisions are ACE and WC (Sorry if someone else mentioned my browser being slow so can't see other replies)
  10. You are right Barnes, I meant to say WC and ACE, currently considering WC only though.
  11. And to get from nothing to a WC seat you really need at least to show up at the last round of the winter series and win it ;) Otherwise you should start first with Ace. Only my opinion... But dont wait to long ;)
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  12. Need to adapt to the 6 lazy gears of this car first. Downforce packages are all locked too?
  13. I bet you do, but bear in mind rFactor 2 is a bit more difficult to trick than F1 Challenge or rF1.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. Dear John,

    I am not really sure what that post means, but when I say I know how the game works I mean I know how the physics work and how to analyze those physics of different cars properly in order to achieve a good setup. Basically same thing that kangaloosh carfactory does, but more with more practical application and more details.

    Regarding the rest, I think you are in a little misunderstanding and maybe you are forgetting our emails in 2009 when we had a good old nice chat about some of those tricks. I will pm you those emails and remind you who I am. Then maybe you will remember.

    Just a small correction mate, this chat was with Roald Reurink in 2008. But I will let you know who I am anyway and give you proper explanation.
  16. What can you say in mails that will disprove that video?

    The only good explanation for that driving is Vodka!
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  17. Whatever that video is, it's a funny one. The driving is with a keyboard it seems like. Clearly there is nothing to say about that video. There are other things to discuss since the matter was raised by a top official of the league and that is who I will be talking to.
    Last edited: Feb 23, 2015
  18. Was just kidding with you. Do well in the final winter series race and I'm sure you'll get a look-in somewhere - probably not WC, but Ace is nothing to be ashamed about.

    Just for interest's sake, so you're saying that guy in the video wasn't you?
  19. Hard to say, just by looking at this it seems like 10 years ago and as I said driving with a keyboard. I cannot say anything more regarding that video (to say the truth I don't even remember driving a yellow car). But if videos are meant to mean anything then maybe you should have a look at some credible videos from more credible leagues in the past 4 years, that is when I started serious driving in rFactor. If you want I can link you, but I am not the type who shows off with videos.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
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