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Looking for a racing cockpit for Gran Turismo 5

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Sammy1990, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm planning on buying a racing cockpit near Christmas solely for Gran Tursimo 5.

    I'm from the UK and my Budget is about £350. I'm using a Logitech G25 at the moment.
  2. There are numerous options out there such as Playseats, Obutto but I am using a GameRacer Pro seat/frame from http://gameracer.co.uk

    It's a great quality set up that is customisable to suit just about any size of gamer including my 6'3" frame. The frame also has optional support for a wide range of devices to be mounted to the frame. When I enquired about support for a Fanatec shifter mount Ted the owner of GameRacer was kind enough to give me a free mount worth around £30 for sending him one of my Fanatec shifters so he could make a prototype. I've had the seat for nearly tow years now and it's still as strong and sturdy as it was when I first assembled it.
  3. You should check out the GT Omega Racing http://www.gtomegaracing.com/
    Its probably the best value racing cockpit in the UK. I own one and its very good and sturdy. its a cool design and it has no bars in the middle.
  4. Indeed try to avoid ones with bars in the middle. :)
  5. like the playseat evolution for example?

    why? is it cause it's hard to reach the braking pedal in the middle or what?
  6. GamePOD are a good rig. You can have them customised should you wish. With no central column, and overall a very sturdy unit. My friends has had one for 5 years and says it's as good as the day he bought it.
    The GT2 is the one to go for but i do believe there is GTS model coming out soon where the pedal tray detaches or something for easier storage.

  7. Thanks for all your help and advice guys. I've just pre-ordered the GT Omega Racing Pro. Its probably the coolest looking rig out there at the moment, and the price is really very reasonable. they got a really good review on insidesimracing.

    The Gamepod is just too expensive. I will be nearly paying double for the same set-up as the GT Omega. But thanks for the recommending to me. unfortunately its way over my £350 budget lol. way over.

    I'm getting a monitor stand, keyboard tray, G25 Gear shifter mount and speaker stand as well with my order ;) plus a reclining leather racing seat. OMG!!
    Can't wait till it arrives.

    Thanks again for all your help guys!!!

    I found an awesome picture of the GT Omega with a 40 inch Samsung installed.

    The owner said it was still very sturdy with it installed