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Looking for a race seat

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by K. Brendan, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I am from the US and have been following your series for some time now. I think this series is without question the best on the internet. The driver are fantastic, especially Bono Huis who is my favorite. I am looking for a seat or a test drive if possible.

  2. Do you have experience?
  3. This text could have been the same I wrote first time posting here after following the league! I hope you find a seat to enjoy the great professional driving here. Just don´t be shy, it´s a great community!

  4. Hello everyone

    A few years ago I raced in the last races of the season here in fsr. I was really impressed of the community and the hard and really challenging competition.
    Now Im looking for a seat in the next year. A Driver seat will be great but a seat as test or reserve driver will be fine too.

    I am from germany and 22 years old and be in the simracing community since 2005.
    If there any questions about my experience or something else please contact me via e-mail. daniel.meier20@web.de

    Best regards

  5. Hi

    Im also new here:) but as I already posted somewhere far from new to sim racing.
    Im also looking for a drive next year in the main league. I have 8 years experience
    in gpvwc finishing 2nd in the championship 3 times and 3rd last year.
    This looks exciting league and well fought something thta would interest me.
    Im sure I can compete at the top level...hopefully;)
    so if anyone is interested give me an email:) good to see some familar faces
    here like Blair Disley from 2002 days:p