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Looking for a Pro Cockpit

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Georg Winter, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Georg Winter

    Georg Winter

    Hey Guys.

    I`m very new here. My name is Georg Winter(someone know how to change forum name?), I´m from Germany and 24 Years old. I started to race with games like Gran Turismo 2&3, then come to F1 2013(what I cancelled after half a saison because it`s to arcade :D ). Then I started to drive the FSR2013 mod for rfactor and what should I say? Thats it, what I was searching for :)
    So I bought rF2 and joined the testserver. At Start it was very difficult, but after 3 days, I manage stable 1.34 times and get a 1.33.669 as fastest lap.

    Enough about me. The point is: I´m looking for a Cockpit at pro season :) Please contact me, if interested.

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  2. Rando Tamm

    Rando Tamm

    You can join my team next race.
    Will make a second PRO team. :D
  3. Tom Kelley

    Tom Kelley

    PM sent