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Looking for a BTCC 2011 league

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mangoletsi, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I downloaded a BTCC Mod yesterday (NGTC 2011), and it's the first real touring car mod I've driven as I've spent the last 11 years racing various F1 mods online. I'm struggling a bit with the front wheel drive cars, but I think I'll get better with it.
    I'm thinking about switching to either BTCC or DTM, but would like to find a league in either category to join a test session to see if i can adapt to the different racing discipline.

    I use a gamepad, and im quite happy with it, but it limits me to using some driver aids which is frowned upon, but I enjoy my racing online with them.
  2. Grab a wheel, and try the DTM mod we use in the Touring Pro Series league. The V8's are also a good option, you will need to get a wheel though.

    As for BTCC mods... good point, why don't we run one? lol.
  3. If there was a BTTC League that you joined (or if you joined another touring car league), you would need to have all driver aids turned off (except auto clutch).
  4. Hello,

    I've completed a few test races yesterday using the btcc mod with the aids on, against a keyboard driver, and 2 wheel users I think. was really fun as none of us had actually driven the cars that much, and none of us really knew the limits of the cars. The laptimes were very close during the races. The two wheel drivers were experienced in touring car racing, and the keyboard driver and myself (gamepad) reasonably were competitive.

    The mod we were using was this one http://www.mods.com.ua/?p=1296, but there's a problem with the multicar.mas and multiplayervehicle.veh files seem corrupt, so we copied the files from the original vehicles folder into the ngtc 2011 folder which cured it.

    Probably going to start a touring car category and run a fun (fun = some driver aids allowed to allow everyone to take part, not a PRO's only league) championship alongside our f1 championship at F1GPrFactor. Havent decided the details yet and wont be to everyones liking because of the driver aids and being non descriminate against non wheel users.
  5. James Chant

    James Chant

    Looks quite good

    Is there any information on where the mod originated from - as in who did it, conversions, permission sought etc?
  6. Sorry, dont know who made the mod. Someone found it on google.
  7. James Chant

    James Chant

    Shame. I have given it a go, and it's really good fun, but if we don't know the origins, we won't be able to run it here. I have a feeling it is a conversion mainly from race 07 wtcc 2010 expansion.
  8. I'd be happy to start a league with this mod. I'd need some help though with a server and someone to fix one or two bugs with this mod.

    But I think we could start a new ITCC (International Touring Car Championship) with custom liveries. I've also managed to bring the Volvo C30 to the NGTC mod.

    I can make a forum and a logo and help with creating liveries.

    Any Offers????