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Tracks Longford 1967 1.01

Longford 1967 Assetto Corsa

  1. Tiago Lima submitted a new resource:

    Longford 1967 - Longford 1967 Assetto Corsa

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  2. This is how you release a mod, with a great team, testing, AI and cameras before release.I wasn't even expecting it, was looking on No Grip just yesterday thinking, this would be awesome in AC and now wow :)
  3. i must have haeard your thinking :p , was a long week
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  4. terrified of driving the current cobra on this but will anyway...should be perfect for the updated one.

    thx so much tiago, love this track in rf2, could not have come at a better time for AC. suppose ill blast the 98T down it as well later :)
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  5. the cobra is nice here , but you dont even have time to see the brake marks because doing near 270 km/h is frigneting :D
  6. Good stuff, a great Tassie track.
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  7. Awesome job Tiago!! Thank you!
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  8. Impressive as always! Thank you!
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  9. Thanks for all your hard work lately but it's making it impossible for me to get any of my own work done! New tracks + AC is too much fun :)
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  10. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Thank u Tiago new work as always
  11. Joao Alves

    Joao Alves

    Thanks for the track! It's so much fun with the Cobra, they suit each other really well.
  12. Fast Furman

    Fast Furman

    Thank u for this one
  13. Thank you, I can feel the 1960's spririt here :thumbsup:
    I will try the Lotus 49 on there !
  14. Demais as pistas que vc esta fazendo .. muito bom mesmo , parabens Thiago !
    Cobra tambem ficou animal
  15. Tiago, i now look for your name when looking for new tracks, keep up the good work bud, its really nice to see once you upload a track you fix any of the little bugs you find, your tracks are becoming firm favourites !
  16. You sir, are awesome.... just downloaded, ran a lap.. well sorta. it put a huge grin on my face!

    More of this plz.. Maybe you'd like to have a go at IOM ;)
    Or any other long and old racetracks (temporary road tracks).. I'm going to check your other stuff right away.

    Ty so much for this one
  17. First of all, thanks a lot for this amazing & fun track, lovin' it so much!:thumbsup:
    I saw v0.8.9 so i had it but the rar is still 0.8.8... is it updated or not, plz?

    Keep on the good work!!! ;)

    EDIT : Ok, sorry, i didn't see the explanation on AC forums...
    Done now, Thanks! :p
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
  18. Thank you for this great track - love it.

    For info of Tiago Lima...

    Just to mention that when you open the latest version (0.8.9) the folder inside says 0.8.8

    Maybe just an oversight (forgot to rename the version number) but ambiguous.
  19. Thank you Tiago:thumbsup: