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Long loading times for GT world

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Daniel Higgins, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Anyone else getting long loading times (a few minutes) when exiting a race/licence/dealership etc back to GT world (the career menu screen). Or is this due to the server thing. (I have installed the game).

    PS Loving the game so far :D
  2. Dan, I have learned to take naps while loading, exiting to menu. I too have loaded to PS3 and have installed patch v1.01
  3. Mark Brunner

    Mark Brunner

    Try turning off your internet connection that helped a LITTLE for me.

    I was also happy to read that they will be enhancing all the damage modeling at a later date so for some of use that are worried at how crappy the damage is hopefully it gets better.
  4. I just got back online with the game after playing about 7 hours ago. Loading times are GREATLY improved :D
  5. Because of the way GT5 logs everything on their servers its causing huge ammounts of load. Sony and Polyphony are aware of it and are working to correct it according to an article at Eurogamer. I know its frustrating and they should surely expect a heavy load on the servers for such a highly anticipated title but they wouldn't be the first game with an online component to suffer 1st week issues.
  6. Yea realised this morning you just have to disconnect your PS3 to internet and it loads in no time :) I can live without multiplayer for a week or 2
  7. You are a patient man Daniel :) while they are not alone in having launch week blues I think companies should spend some of the millions of pounds they spend creating these titles on additional equipment to handle such loads where possible. I read an article a while back saying that the average cost of a triple A title was between $40 Million and $60 Million dollars and that GTA IV cost over $100 Million, I wonder where that puts GT5? :) I wonder if Sony's accountants are too embarrased to reveal it :) but good for Sony for not rushing this title out of the door.
  8. Sony has nothing to be embarrassed about; GT5:p and GT PSP essentially paid for the development costs of those games AND GT5, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sony is already turning a profit on the game.