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Logykal (F1 wheels and motion systems)

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Fernando Núñez, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hi all.

    My name is Fernando Núñez and I'm from Spain. I would like present in this forum our blog: http://logykal.net/

    We are three engineers dedicated to made cheapest hardware for racing simulators. We are not a company, we are simple racers who like this world ;).

    At the moment, we have made two versions of Ferrari F1 steering wheel:

    And the last version (not end yet):

    And we are finishing a software for motion system with SCN5 (it will be free for all) valid for fligth and racing sims:

    If anyone want test this software, I accept beta-tester :)

    I hope you like what you see ;). In the blog we have all information. If you have any question, no doubt send me a pm or mail: korrea@gmail.com
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  2. are you going to sell this wheel?? it looks awesome!!
  3. What a fantastic News, are you selling the "shell" of that F1 Rim, and how much for the SLI-Pro rim (just the shell for it. I will do all the buttons and rotaries and the SLI my self.
  4. Will the last version have thumb rotary encoders?
  5. Hi again!

    Yes, we sell this steering wheel at 340€. We don't use SLI-PRO, we use a free PIC board designed by Xtreme-Racers. This is a free hardware and we use it for this wheel with an expansion board for buttons and rotarys (not enconders yet).

    If you don't want the electronic, we can sell you only the F1 "shell" ;).

    Thanks for questions!
  6. Wheel looks great.I'm interested in motion software ;) I've sent you an email :)
  7. Me, too! :)
  8. Well Fernando ,
    If you decided that you can sell just the shell without electronic , let me know.
    thank you
  9. great job guy continu it

  10. How much does the Ferrari wheel without electronic please (first screenshot) ? I'm very interested.

    Best regards.
  11. Hi, we can sell the wheel without electronic at 140€. The production time for wheel without electronic is low, 2-3 weeks.

    For electronics version, is more than 2-3 weeks, because we bring together 20 people to order the electronics to a company. This is because we are not a company, but the products has a high quality ;).

  12. Damn ! I research a steering wheel with 2010 style like ROSO but not at 700~800$...

    I was to see your Blog and it's awesome and serious, great job mate.

    Best regards.
  13. Yeah, and the fact that his production times are so inconsistent I am hesitant to purchase a wheel from him. His work does look fantastic, though.
  14. Hey Fernando, when can we expect to see pictures of the finished Ferrari 2012 wheel?
  15. Is the second photo in the first post. Only left paint it ;)
  16. will the wheel have clutch paddles, and quick release??
  17. It hasn't clutch paddles or quick release. Our objective is made a cheap wheel, if anybody want add quick release or paint with other colors he can do it. But the basic is very cheap and very very amazing use it in the races...

    I will show you a video using it in a iRacing race.
  18. In this way the F1 wheels available range from €150 to €1500, awesome development of the past year or so if you ask me :) (If only someone made any other one than the eternal Ferrari one ;) )
  19. Any plans for other wheels...I'm now looking for a GT style wheel