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Logitech Momo in 2015 ?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Andrei Sorea, May 19, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering, do you think it's still worth buying an almost new logitech momo in 2015 ?
  2. No, but depends on the price. If you're on a tight budget and its $20 then yes, still a decent wheel today compared to other cheap new wheels like those plasticy Genius ones. I just replaced my +-12 year old Momo with a barely-used mint condition Logitech Driving Force GT for $70 (can't afford a G27 right now), best thing I ever did. I was unscrewing the Momo pedals every 2 days to fix the loose throttle axis + potentiometer. The DFGT surprised me with how good it is, its on another level compared to the Momo, its just brilliant for the price I paid, and its basically brand new. 900 degrees (compared to 240), not overly stiff like Momo, amazing force feedback, so I'd suggest that if you can.
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  3. Ok, thanks a lot. The Momo is $40-$45, A DFGT would come around at least $125
  4. Would you consider buying a 2nd-hand used DFGT? There are a lot of people with PS3's who buy this wheel for Gran Turismo and use it for a month, then it sits in the cupboard not used for years (this was the case for the one I bought). As said, I paid around $70 for mine (price was $80) basically brand new condition, and you being in the EU or US (as I guess you are), I can't imagine you having any trouble finding one for even cheaper.
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  5. The price I mentioned is for a second hand one...I live in Romania, which is in Europe but stuff is overpriced here
  6. Is that from one example, or are they all priced like that? There were about 5 DFGT's on the classified site here (South Africa), going for $100, $90, $110, $80 etc. There must be a lot of these things lying around, bargain with the seller, offer them 30% less. Must be easy to buy a mint-condition one in Europe for under $80...
  7. It's not just one example, it's the lowest price for that wheel on olx.ro which is kind of a Romanian version of ebay or amazon. The thing is if I buy the wheel from another country the shipping taxes are quite high and so it's not really worth doing this
  8. Guess I should just keep on saving
  9. Hmm okay. I'm on the other side of the planet, with horrible exchange rates, customs and taxes and it's cheaper here used. I'd say throw out some offers, offer the seller $75-80, see what he says, good luck!
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  10. Thank you very much, for replying and everything :)
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  11. Also, these wheels have increased in price. They've gone up roughly 30% in price over the years. In my eyes you should pay less than that original price from few years ago.
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  12. True, it's only logical to pay less after time passes. The same situation goes for RAM memory (at least in my country). In 2011 I bought 4 GB of Ram ddr3 for $25. Now the exact same stick of memory costs $50. I don't see the sense in that
  13. Yup. If you're not buying new, and there's not limited stock, then its just a supply/demand thing. There is a lot of supply of 2nd-hand DFGT's, so makes sense not to pay an increased price.
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