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Logitech Momo force racing wheel jitter

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Craig Whitmore, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. I have a Logitech momo force racing wheel and also the latest drivers for it. I have started to get a bad jitter from the wheel soon after I load up F1 2010.

    Unless it's in exactly the center position, it starts turning itself from left to right, left to right again repeatedly, as though it's centering itself and keeps over compensating.

    In game, while driving along straights this is really off putting, specially when turning from opposite locks and crossing the centre, where it momentarily starts jittering until it's in a turned position again.

    I have tried increasing the dead zone, but this isn't it, does anyone else know how to fix this?
  2. I remember having a problem like this a few years ago when i went back to play Flat out, on the snow levels for some reason the wheel just kept swaying from side to side making it almost imposible to drive!
    for me i just turned the forcefeedback off for the snow levels but as this is happening in the whole game for you id assume that thats not realy what u want to do.

    Just a guess but first try another game to see if the same thing happens and then if it does un install then reinstall the drivers.
    if it doesnt happen in the other game maybe its a problem with F1 2010 IE a corrupt file in which case u could try reinstalling that.
    failing that maybe there is a patch out you could try?
    hope that helps if not good luck.
  3. It happens in other games too. If I uninstall the usb drivers from device manager and restart, it's ok again, however, soon as I open up the logitech profiler, it starts again.
  4. either stop using the profiler or try an older version, i had a simualr problem when i was using a momo wheel a few years ago so i just stopped running the profiler as i wasent needed anyway.
  5. Try to set spring force to zerro if possible. I got rid of that issue on my G25 by setting center spring force to zero but still have box checked. Not sure about what adjustments there is for the Logi MOMO tho. That might fix it.