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Logitech G920 problem and settings

Discussion in 'Project CARS Setups' started by danymw, Jun 13, 2016.

  1. danymw


    Hi, can someone help me, i have a problem with my logitech g920 in Project Cars, when i rotate the wheel to the left side more than 90 degrees, the wheel continues rotate automaticaly to maximum degrees and is very hard to get them back in normal possition. And when i want to make a turn in left or right, and after want get the wheel in normal possition for go straight ahead, is hard to turn the wheel, is not seem work normally, like when i turn in any direction, when make a turn is easy, i don't use force feedback, is dissable (0 percent in game and logitech software), Can someone send me a photo of setting which are used in this game for logitech g920 wheel? Please, Thanks! Is anyone who know this setting are used in this video?
  2. RXGE


    I have the same f***ing problem, i bought my G920 yesterday (29.12.16), but i cant found a solution
  3. Shneeb108


    Try Steering deadzone set a zero.