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Logitech G920 FFB pulls to the right

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by gazman, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Logitech G920 FFB pulls to the right . FFB set to - or + values makes no difference, ffb pulls to the right on both settings.

    Is there fix out or coming out .

    The game is un playable with the wheel doing this.
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  2. And 99% chance it's not a universal problem unless you see a ton of other G920 owners reporting the same thing.
  3. I have been playing racing sims on PC for over 10 years. I wouldn't think there is a ton of G920/G29 owners yet .

    I joined Automobilista's site and get no conformation email to sign in.
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  4. Do you have this problem with other games as well? Because if you do it's a logitech driver issue (calibration information), and has been around for ages. I had it with my driving force pro few times, and just like a week or 2 ago my friend had it with his G27.

    What he needed to do, was to uninstall logitech drivers (the profiler thingy), delete all logitech entries in registry to be sure to get rid off all calibration related stuff.

    I got this problem to disappear with unistalling drivers, rebooting without wheel connected, and running a registry cleaner software, as was a friend of mine with the same problem, but that was on win xp and years ago.

    You will propably be able to fix it with "logitech wingman clear calibration utility" that cleans all controller calibration info. Run it AFTER you have uninstalled the drivers and rebooted without the controller plugged. BUT beware, it clears EVERY controller calibrations, so you will have to calibrate your other controllers again. I didnt find a download for the software so i put mine in my dropbox for you to get it. here's the link:


    In the future, remember to ALLWAYS have the wheel free of ANY contact when it's calibrating it self on system startup, or on plugging it in, as this is what caused the prob for my friend with his G27, and if i remember correctly it was the cause for my problems aswell.

    Best of luck!!

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  5. Problem has been fixed. Logitech released new G29/G920 PC drivers.