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Logitech G29

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Bram, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Does anybody know if Logitech is working on a new wheel?

    Update: They are

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  2. If so hope it is belt driven
  3. I hope not, only had my G27 for a few months :)

    I think they'd be wise to keep the G27 (occupies a nice place in the market, quality wheel and pedals at a reasonable price) whilst also releasing a new higher end model (belt driven FFB, alcantara, less toyish buttons, metal H-shifter, load cell pedals etc)
  4. Nothing new on the horizon as far as I know, but I hope they will pick up the challenge from Thrustmaster and Fanatec before they start to loose too much of the market...
  5. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I think they should develop a rival F1 wheel.
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  6. Gerben Kelly

    Gerben Kelly

    I saw the title of this topic and thought: finally news from logitech!

    But then....:p ;)
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  7. this topic driving me insane.

    I have now a pocket full of money. And I want to buy a good wheel. So a t500rs would be perfect. But after 1 month or so logitech announces a new wheel which is in the price against the t500rs. And slightly better. Does anybody know if logitech is doing anything?
    How did logitech announce the g27? 2months before release?

  8. Me too XD

    I was like "Yes! A new wheel that will *hopefully* be better quality and will be available in Australia without a ridiculous markup like Fanatec, and... oh... :("


    EDIT: Oh and yeah there's the T500 but it's too bulky and heavy for me...
  9. CSR Elite is $900aud, G27 full set $350ish, lol.
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    They kept the announcement very silent with the G27. At that time I was in a beta test team for a simracing game. The company already had the wheels for months to make them compatible with their games before Logitech announced it officially.

    Maybe they are waiting for the new generation of consoles first?
  11. google says the ps4 will be released in 2014 - so if this is true. There is a long long time.
    The wheels are at this time just great. The t500 and the fanatec are the sim wheels.
    And the are realy close to real I think.(I dont think there are much more powers to discover in the real world.)
    So proably logitech has already lost at the high sector. Because its already represented by thrustmaster and fanatec.

    I think logitech will stay in the low and mid sector but will not go to the high sector.
  12. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Any sources for your claims?

    Fanatec & Thrustmaster are certainly not the high sector :)
  13. Indeed, I can think of quite a few Wheel makers that are more than twice the price of a CSR etc ;)
  14. I would call this ultra high end ffb wheels the professional sector ; ) .

    But 1. reason: is it expansive(time, money) to develop a wheel - logitech has enough money to do that. but the benefit is little.
    2. reason the logitech wheels are the old generation.(total makeover needed)
    3. reason: fanatec and thrustmaster seems to be the companies who have chosen the right time to conquer the high segment.
    they have the advantage.
    4. Logitech has other problems.

    At the end. Fanatec is Logitech or Logitech is Thrustmaster.....just pessimism

    Dont trust my mind.
  15. i think the current g27 wheel is a great wheel and much prefer it too the fanatec i had, i think logitec need to either revap the current g27 alittle call it the g27 pro or somthing and,

    all it needs is a nice suede wheel rim and more race like syle buttons, bringt back the seuquental shifter from the g25 and alitttle work on the pedals mainly the brake all it need is a nixiem style spring this could then be and awsome package,

    i know it wont ever happen but i can dream that one day logitec will do this:(
  16. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen

    Suede rims are overrated. Yes, they look good, but they wear fast and grip terribly without racing gloves. And only a handful of people use gloves when simracing.
    A better solution would not be leather, but rubber. Anyone remember the Momo Racing from Logitech? It had a rubber rim and I loved it so much that I actually tried to mod it onto my G27, but it never worked out. Rubber grips better with bare hands which is why its the better solution for simracing.
  17. Its always personal, but for me, I would prefer leather or suede over rubber, but it is a personal thing :)
  18. Best solution is Alcantara. It´s a synthetic leather that is designed to act as Suede.
    You can find it in cars from a M-sport 3-series up to cars like the 599 GTO.

    It will last the cars lifetime easily,

    Rubber grips better in the beginning. When hands gets a little sweaty the grip will decrease.

    Alcantara starts out with slightly less grip but as the micro sweat continues the grip will increase massively.
    So you´ll have excellent grip throughout the race no matter how much your hands sweat.
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  19. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    See, I was looking into the modded version of the G27 and G25. Anybody have any experience with those? ARC says adding their mods will transfer the logitechs into fanatacs, basicly.
  20. yes this was i was advised when i asked a local guy about retrimming my wheel, which is due to be done this weekend will post up pics once done,