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Logitech G27

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Dazmaniac, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Guys,

    Just after a little feedback on Logitech's uber-wheel. I only run a Logi MOMO FF at present and I think it has now seen better days and is due a replacement. Been saving up to treat my self to something at Christmas/New Year and I think the wheel will be where the money goes.

    Mounting - does it have the usual Logitech tightening 3-way bolts to fix it to a desk (like I do with my MOMO FF)?

    Noise - does the wheel have any motors for the FF that would be considered noisy, or is it just like most wheels with FF and nothing to be concerned with? Are the steel pedals at all noisy when depressed/released? I'm just thinking about the in house environment I would be racing in here at home and don't want something that's going to be clanking, wheezing, whurring, banging every time I drive, lol and causing a nuisance for those around me.

    Pedals - how are the stock pedals. I always read of folks buying add-ons and upgrades and tweaks for the pedals. Are they really not that good out of the box or is it that some folks are just after a bit more precision than the stock pedals give?

    Much obliged as always comrades for any responses.

  2. Two mounting clamps, very secure in my experience, never moved an inch, and I spend my time throwing Escorts around rally tracks :D

    Can't say much about noise. It can get noisy if the FFB is high. Hitting Netkar Pro kerbs is scarily loud, RBR makes noise as well, but if you keep it on the grey bit, I think it's not very noticeable.

    Pedals are amazing, to me at least. The first pair did make some noise (clutch squeeked, and there was a random plastic noise every couple of weeks), but the pedals with the new one I got a few months ago are flawless. Anyway, love them. Although, I have upgraded from a Logitech Formula Vibration Feedback, which was pretty bad, so my standards might not be high :D
  3. I had no problems with the pedals - they were fine. I only changed mine out to get brakes based on pressure rather than position.
  4. Nothing better for the price Daz...
    I've had a G25 that ibought brand new for 220$ at the time, roughly 3 and half years ago... This wheel has seen thousands and thousands of km around the nurburgring on rFactor... I played for about 10 hours a week for 3 years... 3 months ago, a friend asked me if I was interested in buying his G27 for 180$. He had used it for 2 hours, the thing was litteraly like new so I could not pass on that deal!
    I sold my G25 for 200$ on craigslist. The wheel was still going really strong as always. The pedal had to be cleaned up every 3 month so the accelerator would not jump around while fully pressed, but other than that, it was just perfect...
    Now I have the G27 and I saw the difference absolutly right away. Much more smooth, felt more precise and it showed on my laptimes. Pedals are the same though.
    The FFB is A LOT quieter than the G25 which was quite a bit noisy... Now it just sounds totally smooth and you can barely hear it.

    Before the G25, I had a Momo too. The change to the G25 was like night and day for me. They are just uncomparable even when it comes to the pedals... Buy one with your eyes closed. It will last forever and you will be quite a bit faster...
  5. I upgraded from a logitech DFP to a G27 recently

    1. The wheel and shifter each latch to the table by two mounting bolts.
    2. The noise is a bit relative. Coming from an extremely noisy DFP I find the G27 to be very very quiet!
    3. I like the pedals. They are not perfect but an improvement from the DFP/DFGT pedals. More sensitive and no noise.
    I do not think I am any faster with the G27, but the driving experience is much improved and more enjoyable

    I got a 50% off coupon from a fellow iracer who did not need it. I think i paid ~$165. What many people do is get greedy with the coupon, buy the G27 and sell it on racing sim forums for $200+ be careful!
    An alternative to shopping stores for a G27 is to call Logitech and ask for a 50% off coupon (this approach seems to be hit and miss - tell operators to ask tech dept for coupon and tell them you have other logitech products and an old wheel that you want to upgrade). Others say that if you sign up for the logitech newsletter you will receive a 50% off coupon in a few weeks (at least I have never heard of anyone saying they never received coupon).
  6. Thanks men.

    Knew I would get some constructive feedback here at RD. Looks like the money is on the G27 this Christmas then, lol.

  7. I got a G25 from a hell of a good guy on RD and I had the MoMo as you do Daz. Let me just say it is a night and day difference!!! I can't begin to tell you how much better it feels to drive and the pedals will blow you away after using the MoMo's... At least they did me...
  8. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    If you have a G25/G27, always pump the brakes the first time you launch the sim after starting your PC. If you don't, they will spike like mad.
  9. That's only if you unplug your wheel when you dont use it for me.
  10. I do not have to do anything special unless I unplug the wheel. I think I have had to recalibrate the wheel maybe once or twice because of it going wonky.
  11. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff

    I do not unplug, but I have to do it nonetheless.
  12. Same here.
  13. Oh well, bullet bitten, lol. Going to need something to do now, as last day of work for me tomorrow (with Christmas party tomorrow night) and then on leave until 3rd Jan 2012.

    G27 ordered and due to arrive 20th Dec.

  14. Had a bit of time with the new G27 over Christmas and like was stated, its night and day from the old MOMO.

    Still coming to terms with the pedals, but initial feelings are I'm glad I made the jump.

    One Question though.

    I've noticed on iRacing that the LED's on the wheel reach the limiter a little ahead of the in-car wheel lights in the sim. So should I make the gear changes based on what I'm seeing with the actual wheel LED's or go with those in-car in the game?

    TYIA and a Happy New Year.
  15. have fun with G27 Daz, my G25 is serving me well over three years now ;)

    only one thing needed:

    pre-order now because there is a long waiting list
    received mine few weeks ago and having a blast since then
  16. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I use the revs in game.
  17. I use the Rev LEDs on the G27 for some cars. I prefer the Rev LEDs in-car, but on some cars they are off to the side and I prefer the rev lights to be directly in front of me. ymmv