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Logitech g27 steering

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kieron Swart, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. Hi Wonder if anyone can help, I have been getting this problem for 3 days now. Dont know why my wheel is only 9 months old. When i enter the game my wheel is perfect as i do a few laps on both Race series and Gamestockcar my wheel will be perfect for about 3 laps then wil slowly start to move left off centre, So if my game race car wheels are staight my logitech will be scew. I reboot my computer then but still have same problem can someone help please
  2. My G27 tracks well but its started making a quite but irritating noise when turning against FFB , not good for a wheel just a few months old. I'd just get in touch with Logitech before the 12 month warranty runs out. I haven't dealt with them yet but their customer service is meant to be very good.
  3. 24 month warrenty :cool:
  4. I messed up now and tried opening my unit.... Where are all the srews that must be loose??? Something sliped out of place so i must open it up now :mad: please help have a league race tonight
  5. Are you saying Logitech gear have 24 months warranty?

    Kieron, the worst thing you could have done was open it up becsuse it will invalidate your warranty.
  6. yes :)
  7. Getting my G27 back today from supplier hope its a new one and not a repaired unit! ;) cant wait
  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Dont sent it to the supplier but to Logitech directly if you still meet the warranty requirements and they will replace your old wheel with a new one most likely :)
  9. My supplier gave me a new wheel!!! HAHA now Im going to be back in action
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  10. Same problem here.... is it just a wheel issue? Cause my wheel calibrates wrong since 2 days. I'm using win7 (64 bit)

    I still got warrenty. Shall I send it to logitech (or rather amazon?) and get a new one?? and wait the new gets broken?
  11. Thats a warranty claim now! Get it sent back asap :)
  12. I send it back today. Hopefully the new one steers straight. But I'm afraid that the connection problem with win7 will last. Is anyone else using win7 and logitech g27.? Should I use the logitech driver or just let windows do the whole thing (win driver)?
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Wow, did we install an update or something? I have exactly the same the last couple of days. The wheel is aligned to the left. You have the same issue?
  14. Japp its allways aligned to the left like 10 - 20 degree. Either that or the wheel is not working at all (but pedals work). I tried the cables, tried the newes logitech patch, tried without logitech drivers ... I tried it on my PS3 - allways the same issue. Then on sunday I changed the USB port (like the 1000 times before) and I had a blue screen! Reboot the PC - blue screen again!!! On my new 900€ PC ... I almost **** my pants. Computer works again since I disconnected the G27. I didn't dare to connect it again on that day. At first I thought it's a driver Problem, because win7 is trying to install its own driver. ..... I don't know
  15. Damn.... Never heard of that issue before :S
  16. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    If the light on the shifter is flashing it means that the power supply for the wheel is faulty and nto working. The shifter and pedals are powered through through the USB. The wheel is off the power supply. You wheel not alligning properly is the same issue as the wheel losing it centre when driving in games. Yours is just affect by it syncing. You have options, a) warranty claim if still in warranty period. OR b) Glue the optical wheel to the shaft with epoxy.(voids your warranty)

    To sort the drivers there is a way to delete the old profiles for the wheel so that it makes a new one. Shouldn't really do that to be honest, most likely related to you unplugging it a lot (Maybe but i dont know). The driver when you first plug the g27 in is fine. Thats needed or else it wouldn't work. The logitech profiler is just to set custom profiles for steering angle, force feedback etc.

    I had my first g27 for two months, the first 2 weeks it got the steering problem. Then in a race the power supply died and took me a 2 days to find out what was wrong with it. Sent it back to Boulanger (lived in france, now live in australia) My second g27 had the steering problem from day one so i glued it with epoxy rated to hold 140kg. Lets just say it does the job.
  17. Thank you "James"... yeah my power light was flashing, but then I checked all cables and restarted the PC. So everything was fine but the wheel was still out of centre (not calibratet correctly) and went out of centre when I was steering to fast or to much. Actually I had the problem that the wheel is losing the centre when driving on my ps3. But then I bought myself a new computer so I switched. It was working perfectly for just one day. The horror begun on sunday - flashing powerlight; not aligned in centre; wheel not working then working again; blue screen;

    I heard of so many problams with the g27 I can't believe it. I mean, you buy that thing for quite a lot of money so you are expecting it to work properly for some years. But I really liked that wheel... i hope the new one will work.
  18. James Maskell

    James Maskell
    "Remember the name! Tommy Vercetti!"

    The thing is all of the steering wheels have a slight problem with them. Either they are their from day one or they appear over time. Its just that the g27 is fairly affordable compared to a lot of the other wheels that are on the market. Also it is quite easy to mod, im currently thinking about putting a new wheel on mine at the moment.
  19. Ok... here we go again.

    As I said: I send the G27 back and got another repaired one back which was not working. So I had to send that one back again, complained ... bla bla bla.... And now finally it seems they got me a brand new one. It works fine so far ... BUT look at this:



    It seems my PC (win7 64bit) thinks I am using a "logitech driving force ex". As you see in game as well. It's 100% a logitech g27 in my hands cause I am not dreaming at all. omg
    So no matter what button on the right side of the wheel I press - Its button7 and on the left all three are button8. Because the driving force ex only got 2 buttons on the wheel. And apparently it only got 2 pedals cause the clutch-pedal isn't working as well. That just sucks. At least this wheel is working... but how can I fix this?
    Please let this be easy to fix!?!?
    Thanks for any help!!
  20. Jan Larsen

    Jan Larsen
    Premium Member

    In all my 11 years of simracing, I've never seen that before. Looks like its running the Driving Force Ex firmware :confused: