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Logitech G27 Rfactor Help

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by ASTA LA VISTA, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone

    I really need your help please, I have spent countless hours trying to sort this I have followed different instruction from many different sites to no avail, please I really need someone’s help.
    Here is the situation, I have a new Logitech G27 which I would like to use with Rfactor, I have used the G27 with GTR Evo & RBR with some success, so the problem I have is this, I here many people say how great this mod feels & that mod feels etc etc in Rfactor with reel feel & some without reel feel.

    I have installed different mods & tried with reel feel & without but the force-feed back is virtually nil nada, what I mean is when on the road-track I feel nothing at all like the force-feed back is turned off there is no resistant’s what so ever the wheel just feels dead, the wheel is working as I do feel forces in Gtr Evo & RBR I have pressed the G key to activate reel feel & used the num pad to change forces but nothing seems to work.

    So since I am new to all this focre-feedback thing could someone recommend a mod to install & how to set it up for reel feel or without, I can edit files.ini etc I need to know what to change & were, by the way the only forces I feel in rfactor is from the rumble strip but I feel no resistant’s in the wheel on any mod or track so I can’t feel what the car is doing.

    I have done a new install of Rfactor lite & touched nothing on this install just waiting for some good advice please if you can help I would be most grateful.

    Thank you

    Using Logitech profiler v5.10
    Win7 64 Bit
    Amd 6000+
    4gig ram
  2. Depending on what mod you are running can make a difference with the ffb feel in rfactor.
    I stuffed around for ages before settling on a combination of real feel and leos.

    Kudo's To ZeosPantera for all his hard word with this one.

    Sorry if this goes against the rules.
  3. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    This is our RFactor FFB tutorial
  4. Hello Again

    Avery big thank you for the links guys I am looking into it now again Thank you......:D
  5. i had this problem aswell when i first used real feel but if you change the first 12 lines in the realfeelplugin.ini from the default to this (this will change the default settings which the plugin uses on each new mod)
    " [General]
    DefaultSmoothingLevel=0 "
    and delete everything after these lines to reset to the defaults, the force will be strong again for most mods

    If you use a mod and the force is too strong or too weak you can tweak the settings for each of them individualy ingame by using the key commands in this image
  6. Robert A big thank you
    I will certainly give these setting a try, I did not have much look with the reel feel & Leo's tutorial just did not feel right.

    So back to trying reel feel again with your settings, However I did find the Leo's plugin on it's own was not to bad with a little tweaking around.

    Thank you:)
  7. hi guys i need your help.i dont have feedback too.when i start the game <rfactor>in the menus i feel the whell tight but when i get in to the track i have no feedback.i try some things .restart,put the whell from the begining but nothing happens.i have problem only with the rfactor.any advise?