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Logitech G27 + PS3 + F12012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by GUSSKY, Sep 25, 2012.



    Somene that has a link to that special and only issue?
    May be we can start a concrete one.
    I have seen so many, so much difference, that it´s almost impossible to find a roadmap of what´s the fine tunig line!

    If not, what´s your setup and as example BEST LAP done in AUSTRALIA Dry
    (just to concentrate on ONE issue, ONE problem, ONE Circuit)


    AUSTRALIA-DRY-LAPtime: 1,xx,xx min

    Steering deadzone – %
    Steering Saturation – %
    Steering Linearity – %
    Throttle deadzone – %
    Throttle saturation - %
    Brake deadzone – %
    Brake saturation – %
    Force feedback options
    Environmental effects – %
    Feedback strength – %
    Wheel weight – %