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logitech g27 or fanatec gt3rs v2

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Baz Cutting, May 16, 2013.

  1. hello guys help needed i own a g27 for last few yrs and thinking about going over to fanatec gt3rs v2 but my question is,which is the better wheel.i have seen lots ov posts saying the fanatec is the better but fought i would come to the well trusted racedepartment community for your input.i am pc and ps3 racer
  2. I'd say go for the csr-elite or clubsport wheel its a bigger step up from the g27. Otherwise the thrustmaster t500 is a good wheel.
  3. many thanks will have look at csr-elite for sure.
  4. Come on. The guy asks for the difference between two cheap wheels, and you talk about ones that cost twice the cost...
  5. well Baz, I myself have been braking my head over this one for some time now
    actually more about the fanatec gt2 wheel but
    I read fanatec wheels are beltdriven which many prefer over the feeling of the g25/27
    but logitech is far more reliable, and that's the reason why I'm still sticking with my g25 for now.
  6. i know what you mean there tim its dam hard decision on 1 hand like you say logitech are reliable but on other hand fanatec being beltdriven is a huge bonus and there pedals are so much better,i will be going for gt3rs v2 tho
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  7. have decided i am going to go for the gt3rs v2 with csr elite pedals then sell my g27 which is in mint condition.
  8. I had g25 and switched for csr, Fanatec wheels are problematic while Logitech is just plug and play device plus very reliable. I say wait and save the money and wait for some good sims then buy the best whell avaible from Fanatec. G27 is suficient equipement for that moment.
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  9. Consider also Thrustmaster T500 RS because I think GT3 is only slightly better than G25 in terms of FFB quality.I have found from personal experience that Fanatec wheels and pedals are less reliable than Logitech products.
    I have owned G25, GT3 and CSR. :)
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  10. totally understand what you saying which defo makes alot ov sense,but problem i find even tho g27 is fantastic wheel it can b quite clunky at times where with fanatecs beltdriven system i can c from all posts i read that is not a problem
  11. I see U are already very excited to have new equipement :). Only choice for U is T500 or Clubsport Fanatec otherwise stay with good G27.
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  12. must admit clubsport is extremely appealing for sure,looks amazing.i will carry on thinking me thinks.veri grateful for the input from you guys tho
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  13. Yep..GT3 is smoother or more damped depending who you ask. ;)
    Im currently using CSR with Clubsport pedals. CSR is smoother and less clunky than G25 but also more direct than GT3.

    Havent driven Thrustmaster T500 but many people think that its very good wheel.
  14. have looked at csr and looks nice wheel,actually watching 1 on ebay at moment.
  15. Cheap shiny plastic, thin alcantara, bad places for buttons :notworthy:. G27 is much better.
  16. lol do agree with you on the shiny plastic but bonus is lighter and more responsive so have heard.prefer the look ov gt wheel tho
  17. do not buy into the hype.
    look at the evidence. read this article very carefully and study the graphs. It tells you everything you need to know

    also here:

    my own write up (1st and 3rd posts)
    i plan to do many youtube videos in the next few months explaining pro's and cons. all i will say is it is a fact that g25 is quicker to respond to direction changes of its ffb motor than any fanatec/thrustmaster product - those graphs prove it (excluding CSW)

    i have not used CSW, it seems to be on par with G25, but is it worth 600 euros more? No way.

    after having tried both gt3rs and t500: g25 is superior to both of them, by far. If you want to spend a bit of money, you can buy a 2nd rim, and Simulaje's JZ quick release mechanism (google it).

    being belt driven is not a bonus, its the complete opposite, its a hindrance. however CSW Formula is on par with G25, the GT BMW rim makes it much worse, looking at the graph.
  18. quite a interesting read tbh i do still have a g25 which is still a gr8 wheel,think its down to personal preference on which wheel is best like 1 wheel my suit 1 but not another due to driving style and how smooth or aggresive u are with certain wheel
  19. FWIW, about a year ago, I "upgraded" from a G25 to the GT3RS V2. I didn't really like the dampened FFB feel which made it feel heavier and much less responsive compared to the G25. My times actually deteriorated slightly, and I spent ages trying many setup options and FFB settings to improve the feel. BTW, I mainly was driving GTL.
    I liked some of the features of the GT3 but never felt as comfy as with the G25.

    After about 9 months, the "dodgy" paddle shifters failed / broke. These are quite flimsy on the GT3 unfortunately. I managed to get them repaired after buying new switches and adding springs (as advised by people here at RD).
    I then found the G27 on sale and bought it. I've never been happier, love the FFB and responsiveness. My lap times returned too.

    Now I have found my preferred combo, it is the G27 wheel matched to a set of Fanatec CSP Pedals. I've never had an faults with the G25 over 7 years, nor with the G27 so far. They seem more reliable to me.

    In the end though, it comes down to personal preferences, and in my case the responsiveness, FFB feel, and reliability was the most important.
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  20. cheers for all input guys finally decided and went and ordered a clubsport base with f1 rim