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Logitech G27 | Official Support Thread

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ben Tusting, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Quote ' Released in 2006, Logitech’s G25 racing wheel has quickly earned a reputation for being the benchmark in terms of semi-professional steering wheels. Two and a half years after it’s introducion, hints on its successor are coming up.

    Even though Logitech has yet to confirm to be working on the G27, the web is full of rumors and fake pictures, depicting what the new Logitech wheel will look like. Among all the guessing, there are some interesting facts on the G27 though:

    1) Logitech has already assigned a parts number to the new wheel - 941-000045 A quick Google search returns plenty of hits on various online shops who already list the new item, including the name G27. Of course, none of these “dummy entries” have further information yet, they´re all listed for prices between 270 and 350 US dollars.

    2) The G25 is currently available for very low prices. At its release in 2006, the wheel sold for $299, today it can be found as cheap as $139. That may just be due to the wheel’s age, it may be a sign of selling out the last stocked examples though.

    3) Logitech is forced to react, the steering wheel market isn’t the same as it was in 2006. Fanatec is on a quick way to becoming a major competitor, offering a line of high quality steering wheels which are partly superior to the G25. Feature-rich products like the Clubsport Pedals will surely worry Logitech enough to work on a new flagship product.

    There’s still zero information avaialble on the features of this new wheel, below is the newest picture that is supposed to show the G27. It includes new buttons and a LED rev-meter, chances are pretty high that it is another fake though. While nobody knows when the G27 is due, it is pretty much confirmed that it is indeed coming our way.'
  2. Maybe once this comes out, I can snag a G25 for really cheap :D.
  3. Exactly what I was thinking! High five!
  4. Finally some extra buttons on the wheel! (hopefully) I don't think there will be any official news before autumn/winter.
    I'm also quit interested by the Fanatec products, but my G25 is only 4 months old :)
    Got it for a decent 160€ thanks to a tip from Mr. Downham (Promotion on Amazon.co.uk)
  5. :plus1:
  6. David Buxton

    David Buxton
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    :plus2: :nod:
  7. Bram

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  8. Make that a plus 3... :good:
  9. Hmmm, it was inevitable. I wonder if they'll design in accordance to the Logitech "G" products. The G25 is a great design, but more buttons on the wheel and different wheel materials. Do we really need expensive, real leather? use the material that Fanatec use. The grippy one used in real racing (forgot the name).
  10. gripomatic :nod:
  11. Hehe, and I'm serious too. It'd be nice to have a clutch and gated shifter occasionally, even though I like my Momo Force.
  12. Think i did the right thing when i decided not to buy the G25 and wait for the next verision, And this looks really promising! =D
  13. Alcantara?

    Would be nice to have leather again, or maybe the choice between the two :D
  14. @ Mark did you check prices for Alcantara ??? its way more expensive as ordinary leather :D
  15. Alcantara would be nice and also the wheel shape should look like a racing wheel
  16. Like the Momo Force :D

    That's one reason why I like the Momo, it's shaped like a real racing wheel. Though personally I believe some manufacturer needs to make a wheel like this:


    Not necessarily an F1 wheel, but similar shape.
  17. Figures, I just ordered a G25.
  18. I will be right there with you.
  19. Ill post a pic of whats been going round as the rumour fr the G27.


    Personally the Rev limiter is nice. Maybe a different fabric like they use in real race cars instead of leather which I do not like. But I really dont like thoe buttons as they are. Id rather a more racing look witht he buttons they just look stupid.
  20. I thought that was a MMG add on