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Misc Logitech G27 modification for F1 2014 2014-11-10

2014: G27, tyres + fuel mix in gearstick, brake balance in wheelbuttons using logitech profiler

  1. Iko Rein submitted a new resource:

    Logitech G27 modification for F1 2014 - 2014: G27, tyres + fuel mix in gearstick, brake balance in wheelbuttons using logitech profiler

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  2. Can't get this to work, only thing it does for me is move my car status to top right wheel button and all other wheel buttons do nothing???
  3. The profiler works bit strangely occasionally. For the installation, I would
    1) Shut down the Logitech Profiler (and exit from Steam client)
    2) Copy the files to the right locations (as per the readme.txt)
    3) Reboot my computer

    After reboot
    4) Hook up the G27
    5) In the Logitech profiler, set the default settings be the F1 2014 settings (this I sometimes need to set, as the Profiler doesn't always detect the game correctly).
    6) Check, that the F1 2014 settings are selected in Logitech Profiler. You could also use the 'import settings' in profiler and import the included .xml file.
    7) Start F1 2014
    8) Go to options and driving options, change controller to customized, make some change and the revert back to G27.
    9) Check, that in the settings the DRS & Car status are bind correctly (i.e. if you use the proof-of-concept, the top left is CAR STATUS and top right is DRS.
    10) Enjoy


    Edit: Added note about using the import functionality in the Logitech Profiler
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2014
  4. Thanks, I will give it another try. One thing I would like clarified; 4) Hook up the G27. Do you mean plug in the wheel i.e. I should disconnect my G27 before installing the mod?
  5. Dexter


    work very good
    plus is more customizable
  6. Key thing is to shut down the Logitech Profiler, before you copy the Logitech Profiler file and then do reboot, as sometimes the settings don't take effect without that.

    So if you do reboot, you should be fine. I just typically don't boot my computer with things in the USB ports.

  7. Is this mod is working on G25
  8. I don't know, as I don't have G25. G25 has the same gearshift unit, so it might work, if the internal assignments for the gears are the same.

    You could try it. Quickly looking at the profiler data, I suspect, that the 2 wheel buttons on G25 are same as the top two on G27 and so it might actually work. And if doesn't work, and you have bit extra time, you could look at the profile .xml file and compare it profiles created for the G25 to see, how they are different.

  9. OK, Work's fine now. the profiler showed F1 2014 as the game it was recognizing, all of the commands were listed at the assignments dialog, but nothing would work in game exept the car status at top left wheel button, even though F1 2014 was selected in the profiler and the in game custom controls were shoing up as per your changes. I don't know if it is required as it is not indicated in your readme text, but what i did was to go to Profile/import in the profiler and select your XML file in the AppData/Local/Logitech/Gaming folder and everthing works.

    thanks for your help, nice work. :thumbsup:

  10. Thank you for the note. I will add this to the ReadMe.txt and the people downloading can also see your addition here.