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Logitech Formula Force EX Settings

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Szeky, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. Could someone please help me find the best setting for my wheel? (Logitech Formula Force EX)
    Thank you!
  2. Can any give me settings for game?
    Give settings in logitech profiler and in the game?
    Cann't play with default settings;(
    Thank you.

    Please help us. Really cann't play.
  3. Dexter


    steering deadzone 1%
    steering saturation 37%
    steering linearity 40%
    throttle deadzone 1%
    throttle saturation 7%
    brake deadzone 1%
    brake saturation 70
    forcefeedback on

    win turkey GP with level professional and rain :))
  4. Driving Force EX Force Feedback - Does it work in F1 2011? (PS3)

    Hi, I have a Driving Force EX which was great for F1 2010, but with F1 2011 I think I need force feedback to help me work out when my car is getting away from me.

    I have the black wheel that has no power cable, it plugs into the PS3 via USB. I've never had force feedback in either F1 2010 or F1 2011 (I played on my brother in laws Driving Force GT and there was definite feedback!)

    Has anyone got force feedback on an EX wheel or does it not work? I'd rather not splash out on a GT wheel but I need some force feedback.

  5. @
    I also have Logitech Force EX

    Im not realy sure if u on PC or PS3 but do you have the logitech gaming software installed.
    not sure how that works on a PS3??
    But i had the same problem in 2011 but allways played with FFB on 2010.
    Once installed all was good....
    hope it helps