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Logitech DFP broken mounting clamp

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Jacek Fedorynski, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. I broke one of the mounting clamps on my trusty Driving Force Pro. Is it possible to get a replacement somehow?
  2. Try Logitech direct, but I doubt they will. Look on E-Bay for a Second Hand or a faulty unit for spares is an option too. Post a picture of the break too, I may be able to suggest a repair :)
  3. Here's the broken clamp:


    I haven't opened the wheel's casing, but you can probably imagine what it looks like inside.
  4. Right!

    This CAN be fixed :) If it was here with me now, I would be cutting some thin steel plate to go along the front and back of the clamp (the flat smooth sides, NOT the ribbed ones) . I would make them as long as possible then drill holes every 20mm or so to suit SMALL pop rivets. I would then use an epoxy resin glue OR super glue (a thick one) and bond the two halfs back together. Once set, I would offer up the two steel plates, line them up and drill ONE hole and rivet it on, then drill each hole and rivet as I go to ensure everything lines up. You would need to make sure the rivets were fairly loose fit in the hole you drill to ensure they do not expand the hole too much when fitting and break the clamp again! As long as you dont OVER TIGHTEN this repair should last years

    Hope that helps :)

    EDIT: Looking at the clamp again, are the holes in the middle of the clamp right through? If so it might be possible to use small bolts and bolt the steel plates to the other side? Either way, should be a fairly easy fix!
  5. Thanks for the advice! I'm not very good with hardware, but I may have no other choice but try and apply your proposed fix.
  6. Metallic Clamps

    Hey, I got bought a used DFGT that unfortunately came with broken clamps. Don't really want to pay for expensive shipping just to send it back, so I searched around and found this one guy who was able to fabricate new clamps out of METAL.

    Of course, being that it's custom fabrication, cost will be SIGNIFICANTLY reduced when more people are willing to buy. This guy asked around on gtplanet.com but that's it.

    His e-mail is DFGTCLAMPS@gmail.com. I'm currently 3rd on his list, he says he needs a couple more before looking at price/per. Picture here (PDF, sorry it won't let me post pictures).

    I'd say if people are interested, shoot him an e-mail. Flimsy clamps seem to be a common problem with Logitech wheels and I think this should fix it once and for all. Will be nice if we gather enough interest for a very cheap price per set.

    I hope I'm not violating any rules by posting this. I'm not selling it, but I'm just trying to gather enough interest so we can all obtain this for cheap. Ciao :)

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  7. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Funny, was going to post asking "how these clamps even break" but a friend of mine called me to tell me his broke on his DFGT. Looks like i'm using B Clancy's suggestion.