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Logitech DFGT with Low Power?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by foscloxe, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Hello everyone, since English isn't my mother tongue, I will try to be briefly and explain the best as I can about my steering wheel, the Logitech DFGT.

    As title says, I think something isn't right with my wheel, I've watched some YouTube videos when the wheel is connected and it seems more fast and with more power when calibrating, mine it looks like that has some weight on it.

    I've tried disconnect my USB hub (where my mouse, controller and external sound card is connected such as the DFGT) and plug the USB wheel only but it's the same. Then, I plugged the charger(ac adapter) to another slot(?) in my room but I had the same result.

    Could this be inside the wheel or the AC adapter?

    Better than words, here's a video when I connect my DFGT:

  2. Doc


    Do you know if the adapter is specifically for the wheel, as in, did you buy the wheel and the charger came with it? If not, what does it say on the AC Adapter? Below are the requirements for the AC adapter and it should have this on the charger.

    Input: 100-120V 0.4A

    Output: 24V 0.75A
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  3. I bought this wheel in second hand and since then it has been perfect.
    The charger have the Logitech logo and name in it however only the input values are different.

    Input: 200-240V ~ 0.4A

  4. ouvert


    that voltage difference is normal .. one is for US/Canada/and others, your is for EU/and others
    You are from Portugal so you are fine with AC adapter you have (230V / 50Hz in your country)
    I would try another powersupply before checking inside of a wheel
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  5. That will be hard to find a compatible powersupply :(

    I've just noticed a "funny" thing that never happened to me. I unplug the AC from the electricity slot and the cable that goes from behind the wheel. I accidentally run Logitech Profiler and didn't give me an error that the device was unplugged. I went to properties and found out that the wheel is active but with no force feedback, it is powered only by USB. Is this possible? I mean, indeed is possible but it is supposed to?
  6. ouvert


    yep .. you can run the wheel without FFB only by plugging it to PC .. USB power output is high enought to power the wheel (not FFB motors)
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  7. I own a DFGT too. Yours seems to turn with great difficulty compared to my DFGT, it even looks like it gets stuck at the end of the calibration. This is not normal. It (literally) sounds like you need to add some lubricant (oil) to the internal gears.
  8. I tried with the powersupply of my laptop but it is even slower and tried with another AC and didn't move, I'll try to do some test and in the last case I will check if it is inside and lubricate the parts as you mention it.

    Thank you guys for trying to help figuring out what could be the problem.

    Good races ;)
  9. Just an small update. The wheel is in the same state but now I notice some kind of smell in the left side, where the motor is. Maybe is the motor problem doing a short circuit?
  10. When you unplug the wheel (power and USB), does the wheel turn freely? You should be able to turn the wheel easily and if you give it a spin it should keep turning for about 90 - 180 degrees. If it doesn't something is jammed inside or running heavy. This may cause the motor to overheat.
  11. Your question made me think about it, so I've tried to rotate and then I went check some videos in YouTube and it's fine, it turns well. I didn't have the opportunity to test with another powersupply the method I found to counter this is in the profiler raising the values of strength to 110% instead of 100%. About the smell I think it was my mind, I asked to some persons and they all answered that was fine, nothing strange.