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Logitech DFGT vs Thrustmaster F430

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Christophe Berton, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. I read serval review of both wheels and i watched the video review on ISR
    But it's not clear for me what is the best option.
    Anybody has experience (good and bad) with those wheels?

    Thrustmaster F430
    Logitech DFGT
  2. I previously owned the F430 wheel, and I have used the DFGT on occasion.

    The F430 wheel is really comfortable and has a lot of easy to reach buttons. The paddles on the back are kind of small for my taste, but they feel really positive. Even better feeling than the G27's. The pedals are pretty stiff and have a long'ish throw for pedals that come with a cheap wheel. Much better than any cheap pedals I have used. I would put them right below the g27's. My only beefs with the wheel are that the wheel only has 270 degrees of rotation and I had to lubricate the gears inside mine to get them to feel really smooth. Other than that, it was a great solid wheel.

    I have only used the DFGT a little. The things I liked was that it has 900 degrees of rotation and the FFB is a bit better. The pedals felt terrible, and the wheel feels cheaper than the F430.

    It is hard to tell you which one really. Personally, I am split. I like more than 270 degrees but I also like the pedals on the F430 wheel way more so than the DFGT.

    Sorry if this made it MORE difficult! Good Luck.
  3. Played over a 1000hrs with my DFGT and it's as good as new, as for the pedals, they work well enough, but they're not the build of a G27, but neither are they the price.
    Don't know whether the 430 has an 11inch wheel, but the DFGT does.

    I only ever use the paddle shifters/buttons, and I think the stick shifter is tacky, but the paddles are very fast.
    DFGT also looks very good in the flesh.
    FFB is excellent, NFS Shift can rip the wheel out of your hands with a L20 Lambo.
  4. I am not new to simracing, I want a new wheel, low budget

    I am not looking for a g27 or something, its to expesive.

    The only thing i not love on the F430 is the rotation, i never used the full 900° of my g25 but 270° isnt mutch. For the rotation i would go for logitech.

    But i read the pedals of the logitech are crap. So for the pedals i would go for the F430.

    They look both nice and have both nice buttons

    I dont know what to choose.

    @ Evan: Thx for your info.
    @ David: Thx. Aren't the pedals very light?

    I anybody has an opinion about those wheel, plz share them
  5. I know you mentioned the G27 being too expensive, but have you looked into getting one second hand? There are plenty of forums/ebay where you can grab one that is being let go cheap. There is one for sale on the iRacing forums being sold for $120 OBO with everything.

    I feel after using the G25, you are going to be really disappointed in these two wheels and racing the few times you do will not be very satisfying.

    Just my two cents.
  6. Out of those wheels I would grab the F430 simply due to the build quality and pedals, as long as you can deal with the low rotation then it will be fine.
  7. I guess so, but how do you know the F430's are better given it's about the same price point?
    I wouldn't dream of owning a 270deg wheel, as I use up to 400 at times.
    My feeling is that if u want G27 quality, u must buy one of them, but at the time I bought my DFGT, the G27 was $300aud more...
  8. How do we know a 430 is better built than a DFGT?
    I've done over a 1000hrs on mine racing mainly fast cars like F3000/F1...
  9. Everything is wayyyy toooooooo much in Aus.
  10. The pedals on the F430 wheel ARE by far, better than the DFGT. The physical wheel on the F430 is better as well. The DFGT has it on FFB and rotation though.
  11. I still thinking what wheel i would choose
    the F430 looks very nice
  12. I have the same problem.. now choosing between these two.
    But i did have the Ferrari GT Experience which is basicaly the same thing as the F430 except the force feed back and some cosmetic stuff like metal instead of plastic on the peddals and the rubber on the wheel (and also the shape).
    I'm pretty sure, after i saw some video reviews, that under the hood they used the same plastic and buttons and all that as in the GT Experience.

    The problem is that after two years the break peddal broke (beyond repair .. plastic snapped and one gear peddal stopped clicking but still worked, which is a bit anoying to press and not click).

    I did not use the DFGT just saw it a few times in shop and handeled it a bit.

    Ferrari Pro: good looking, nice quality materials, great peddals.
    Ferrari Cons: breaks easy and from what i saw it's a bit more expensive than the DFGT.

    DFGT Pro(from what i heard):better FFB, and last longer, also a nice gear stick.
    DFGT Cons (from what i heard): poor peddals, and cheaper material quality.

    For now I think i'll buy the Ferrari (looks better and the peddals are great) and save a bit of money over the course of the two years (which it will be in warranty in case it breaks) and buy a better Logitech once i've saved enough.I would have bought in a flash the DFGT but the peddals are just awful.
  13. Peter

    who cares Premium

    The F430 is a very good wheel to start with if you never used a wheel before. I had mine for 2 years after that I bought a G27. I'm 2 sec. faster at 1 lap with the G27 and onced you used a 900° wheel you can never go back.
    Last month I fired the F430 up because I like th feel of the wheel ( it feels better than the G27) but the 270° felt awfull.