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Logitech DFGT or Thrustmaster RGT Pro?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Helicon_One, May 7, 2012.

  1. I'm looking to get back into simming, but I don't really want to blow £200+ on a G27, so I'm looking at something a little cheaper. I'd like to get a wheel with a stick and FFB, so 2 options have come up straight away, the Logitech Driving Force GT or the Thrustmaster RGT.

    From a quick look around the main criticism of the Logitech is the pedals, whereas the Thrustmaster's biggest letdown seems to be only having 270 degrees of turn (If only I could just get the Thrustmaster pedals and the Logitech wheel, right?). Anyone used these and have comments, or can recommend other alternatives at around the £100 mark?
  2. I suggest getting the Logitech 50% discount from their Customer Service and buying Logitech G27 or old G25.
  3. Pretty sure the G25 is long discontinued, right? That aside where do I get this discount?
  4. Yes it is, but it has a sequential shifter as well as H-pattern, whereas G27 has only H pattern (although it can be modified). You have to email their support and tell them something about your broken old Logitech wheel or something., It's good to have a wheel serial code just in case :) Not a 100% of people ogt the discount, but they're just exceptions.
  5. @Jan: So you are basically telling Helicon_One to lie about owning a Logitech wheel in an attempt to get one for 50% off the regular price?

    Glad to see we have upstanding members here.
  6. Yes, it is an option. I haven't done it and I bought my G25 for a full price. It is an option however and I am willing to share it since it might help someone. All you can do is to politely ask for a discount and you might even recieve it, it up to you. You can also report a real old and broken Logitech device.

    Take what you need from my advice sir Helicon, I wish you luck buying a new wheel!
  7. I strongly recommend a G27 for sim racing, epic FFB, and very good pedals....DFGT and I suspect all wheels in this price category have very imprecise pedals and this will hinder your performance in sims.
    Hard to argue against a DFGT for GT5 with ABS on, but for sims, it's worth finding the money for G27.