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Logitec G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Tony Gordon, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. I,m about to buy my G27 wheel next week for F1,AC and IR and after selling my FM5 after having it for 5 days, So now i,m seeing things about the CronusMax. Now while searching on Racedepartment for queries on this, i only find one clip on it, while interesting it was only one persons view, so i,m asking has anyone else tried this on Xbox one and how does it feel.One more thing, as i,m coming from Xbox to more PC apart from the party chat is it worth buying Project Cars on Xbox rather than Pc
  2. Personally I think you'd be crazy to buy a G27 now and risk the ChronusMax (which promises something but won't be released until November and could just provide controller rumble effects on the wheel. No Guarantee of real FFB!)

    A Thrustmaster TX would get you full Xbox One and PC support. Yes, the pedals are mediocre, but the FFB is a step up from G27, and there are many many pedal options (Thrustmaster T3PA, or adapters to use Fanatec pedals directly with a Thrustmaster wheel).
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  3. I have to thank you for showing i didn't look into this as much as i thought, now the only reason i was going for the G27 was because of the price at £170 and i could add the ChronusMax for Xbox, for some reason i thought the Thrustmaster was around £400. So at £250 that good. Now the pedals yes they are mediocre so checked the site and found i could add the CSR Elite Pedals EU as well.

    Thanks for the help.