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Log files and steam ID in GTR Evo/Race 07

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Stefan Gunnersen, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. I am trying to make a php parser that examines log files from a dedicated server and puts them in a database to show on a specific website - so that the drivers registered on this site can enter their id's (driver name, steam ID, steam user etc.) and see their stats.

    It is going very well, and all is working, but I have one problem:
    - Instead of using driver names as identification for users when presenting data, I want to use their steam ID or steam username to connect the stats to the user's account. This cannot be done as I see it since there is no steam id or steam user name in the log file. Why is this so?? Does anybody know this problem?

    Is there a solution to this problem other than linking regular driver names that can be used by multiple persons and not only one unique person?

    An example:
    Brian Peterson drives three laps on Anderstorp. He has a Steam ID of 1553543445 and account name brianp5658564. This is listed in his own log file. But when he is finished driving and the log file is uploaded through the Race 07 reporter (which is also used for GTR Evo) there are NO steam id or steam username - only driver name.
  2. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Cant you pick the files directly from the server without using the reporter? I am not sure how our wizard creates it for http://timing.racedepartment.com .. We still have the steam id's visible if i am correct. Maybe drop Ramon a pm?

    If you guys solve this you have a very interesting tool buddy!! Keep us updated if you like.
  3. I am really new to Race Department - but it seems to be the right place to ask!

    I could get the log files without using the reporter, but my problem is that the server is not on the same ip adress or location as the web site. Not yet, anyway, and we are trying to start up very low scale.

    However, I will first try to see if the log files located on the server has the steam ID and steam user. If this is the case it should be possible to use it somehow.

    I will be glad to drop Ramon a PM, but I am not actually sure who he is?
  4. I found out some more! I only uploaded the session files from the dedicated server to the ftp-adress where the php parser than analysed the files and put them into the databases. These DOES NOT contain any steam id or user name. However, the LIVE SESSION files does!

    The only problem left is now that there is a slight difference between session files and live session files. I have observed that the live files contain less lap information than the session files. E.g. there was a driver who in the session file had driven three laps and then logged off. However, in the live session file there were only two laps recorded. That's kind of odd.

    My only explanation and maybe solution is to adjust the number of seconds between each report. I have the report set to 30 seconds, so if the driver has logged off 10 seconds after completing the final lap, the final lap might not have been registered.

    Can anyone shed a light on this problem?
  5. I have figured it out! I use LIVE SESSION files and have made some changes to the programming so that it does not upload "old" laps twice or more when the data is loaded every hour. Quite simple, however not as easy to program as it sounds.

    And thanx for the private message with the contact!
  6. Still wondering how that Live and Ftp works, well, the question is...
    I run a server at home but want the files to be transfered to our homepage server located at the webhotel. Ftp should be the natural choice but where do I specify the adress, username and password?
  7. i have the some problem.I'm new in racedepartment but this is right place to ask.
    i have a dedicated server and yesterday wi have a race.Now i wont to see the results and upload on the site.But i don't know where to find.
    The last season wi race rfactor and a don't have any problem to make a results using a autosim analyzer.Now i can't figured how to do this.?
    Any help..pls
  8. http://www.google.com/cse?cx=006471296525021372215:um8qlpoigce&ie=UTF-8&q=Autosim

    (Bram, I found it :) , sometimes opening the eyes helps...)
  9. thanks :)